Why Should Traders Use a DEX Rather Than a CEX?

Are decentralized exchanges or centralized exchanges the best for trading crypto? Even though many crypto users still trade crypto on centralized exchanges, finding and trading crypto on the best decentralized exchange has numerous upsides. Learn why in this article.

Why Should Traders Use a DEX Rather Than a CEX?

Trading on Centralized And Decentralized Exchanges

Crypto trading is simply buying and selling cryptocurrencies for profit. Basic trading occurs when a user exchange one token for another. More specialized users and investors use advanced trading strategies such as derivatives and arbitrage trading.

Arbitrage trading in crypto is hard to find, but it is one of the safest and most profitable ways to make money trading cryptocurrencies. While most arbitrageurs swap between the best-decentralized and centralized exchanges for a profit. Some others execute a more complex strategy involving multiple centralized or decentralized exchanges. 

Trading is an essential aspect of the crypto economy since the market will be largely inefficient and unstable without it. Decentralized cryptocurrency transactions on DEXs must stay in sync with centralized exchanges to close differences and reach a stable price. Sophisticated trading activities between centralized and decentralized platforms make this possible. Trading activities usually attract fees if you are trading on a decentralized or a centralized exchange. Some decentralized exchanges, like Pandora, have developed better ways to reward users for transactions executed using the reward token PAN. 

Trading on Centralized And Decentralized Exchanges

Deciding the Perfect Exchange For Trading Crypto

For all traders, trading on a centralized exchange requires verification following anti-money laundering and know-your-customer requirements. After the verification process, users can access the exchange, store their funds, and retrieve them whenever they need these funds for transactions. 

However, funds stored on centralized exchanges are kept in the central custody of the exchange. In some instances, these exchanges act contrary to the users’ interests. Hackers also target the hot wallet on exchanges to steal funds. Such attacks could be disastrous since most centralized exchanges have little to no insurance protection for users in case of such attacks. 

Decentralized exchanges, by contrast, neither hold user funds nor require verifications and compliance processes. There is also the possibility of a hack on a decentralized exchange. Still, the best-decentralized exchanges go through a transparent smart contract auditing process verifiable by their users. Users can also exercise extra caution to secure their funds using devices like hardware wallets. Hardware wallets add an extra layer of security and guarantee self-custody.

Best Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Trading Crypto

Best Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Trading Crypto

It is hard to point out the best-centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. The search gets more complicated when you consider the massive failures experienced with centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in recent times. Still, many of these exchanges are taking steps to clear their name and regain user trust. 

Proof-of-reserve is one of the best indicators to check that an exchange has real funds backing its alleged assets. Cautious users can use only exchanges with the largest daily volume managed by credible people. Once an exchange has actual funds backing its reserve claims, it can be considered a good exchange for users.

Another important thing to do is to check the exchange’s key founder or the parent company. Ensure that these entities are not running a competing capital-intensive business that could require the exchange’s funds. Involvement in other businesses with conflicting interests can be dangerous. Some exchanges with conflicting businesses divert user funds to other purposes and eventually become bankrupt. 

If you have checked these thoroughly, and there is no immediate risk, you can use the exchange. Although, centralized exchanges are still not the best place to store crypto, as you will see shortly.

Best Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Trading Crypto

Best Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Trading Crypto

The best-decentralized exchanges for crypto traders combine the best user experience with a sound economic design and verifiable security audits. With the growing number of exchanges on each blockchain, it is hard to spot the best. Yet, a careful look at exchanges will tell you who is in for the long term and the best platform to trade your digital assets.

Decentralized exchanges are great because they do not hold user funds. For additional security, you can hold your funds in a hardware wallet and only connect to the exchange for transactions. Also, verify that the exchange you are using has a long service history and long-term commitment to building sustainable products. 

For users of BNB Chain, Pandora Exchange is one of the safest places to get value for transacting with your crypto. The exchange offers stablecoin farming and stable asset investments like NFT Securities to its large and growing user base. While most exchanges rarely consider user engagement and participation, Pandora rewards users in EXP. EXP increases user earning chances whenever they execute hashrate-eligible trades, upgrade DroidBots, trade NFT on PandoMarket, buy tickets, unlock staking slots, and open PandoBoxes

Best Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges For Trading Crypto

Important Caveats in Crypto Trading

DEX trading is a bit different than trading on centralized exchanges. Most DEXs published their total value locked and transaction volume on the homepage of their website. If you can’t find this information on the exchange, check popular cryptocurrency data platforms like DeFilama for additional information. 

Do not take the audit claim on the website home page as a security guarantee. Research your own and check the auditing company’s official audit publication to ensure they audited the exchange. If you are into leverage trading, please note that it is highly risky. Always ensure that you know what you are doing without a doubt before using complex DeFi instruments. Also, confirm that the exchange you use for DEX trading has enough liquidity to settle wins to avoid liquidity crunches

Important Caveats in Crypto Trading

Why Crypto DEXs Are The Best For You

Decentralized exchanges represent the crypto ideal by eliminating the need for a third party in the actual exchange process. They are also more transparent, as you can track the transactions and activities on the exchange using available tools on the blockchain. 

Some of the best-decentralized exchanges on the BNB Chain, like Pandora, offer extra incentives to double consistent users’ chances of succeeding. Your asset remains with you, and you can exit a position or swap for a different token whenever you want. 

Getting started with a decentralized exchange is simple. First, you download a wallet browser plugin, move your funds, then you can connect to the right blockchain network. There are no such processes as KYC and AML requirements. 

Why Crypto DEXs Are The Best For You


DEX trading lets crypto user trade in a completely decentralized environment. With DEX trading, the users take full control of their assets. DEX users can also earn extra rewards for simple transactions using platforms committed to user growth

Data about funds on DEXs are transparent, and security audits are accessible. Compared to centralized exchanges controlled by central entities, the possibility of losing funds from a reliable decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with a long history of service to users is low. It is also avoidable if users do due diligence before connecting to an exchange. 

These contents are for general information purposes only. They are not investment advice, a recommendation, or solicitation to buy, sell, or hold any digital asset or engage in any specific trading strategy. Some crypto products and markets are unregulated, and you may not be protected by government compensation and/or regulatory protection schemes. The unpredictable nature of the crypto asset markets can lead to loss of funds. Tax may be payable on any return and/or on any increase in the value of your crypto assets, and you should seek independent advice on your taxation position.

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