Pandora Weekly Highlights | 22/08- 28/08

How was your last DeFi week? We hope that we can continue following each other’s progress into this new future of finance.

Take a moment, enjoy a soothing cup of tea, and think back on some of the special activities we have experienced together throughout the past week.

Successive PandoTalks during the week

It is impossible to begin the list of highlights without mentioning our distinctive PandoTalk series. Last week, Pandora continued to convene reputable crypto communities to discuss how we envision the future of DeFi. The week successfully closed with 6 AMA sessions were running nonstop and facilitated by PearDao, BuyBuyBuyBi, Kenzo Ventures, Pando Twitter Space, and Crypto Tribe.

In a recent report, BSCDaily stated that Pandora is one of its users’ favorite Dapps for yield farming and staking on the BNB Chain. This proves that Pandora is on the right track. Our dedicated team will continue to improve users’ Dapp experiences and bring more potential earnings to YOU. Stay tuned with us to seize your opportunity!

Start farming on & earn up to 300% APR

Multiply your crypto holdings by 3X with Pandora’s staking

Swap V2.0 is now available

Our Pandorans can’t ignore the good news: Pandora’s Advanced Swap V2.0 is now up and running! Users can now trade and earn up to 9500% APR with this latest version.

You are free to select the swap path that best suits your trading preferences with our upgraded Swaps feature. With the lowest price but high profit on trading and the highest number of token output, the PandoTeam believes you will never be disappointed. Thousands of trading pairs are now at your fingertips. Don’t hesitate to make your transactions now!

Don’t let yourself cry over spilt milk! Go to our Swap section to take advantage of this chance now.

Treasure Strike Event has started

As promised, Pandora is back with a new event—the Treasure Strike contest. This is your new chance to get a share of $30,000 and 10 IDO Slots. This event marks the launch of Pandora’s newest product, Swap V2.0.

Everyone is welcome to enter this contest, whether you are a seasoned crypto trader or a novice. You can increase your chances of success by learning more about how it functions. Conditions for Treasure Strike are available here.

Pandora x Moverse Massive Airdrop: Waiting for the results

The conclusion of the Massive Airdrop came after a period of one month. We are grateful to you for taking part in the airdrop with such enthusiasm. A total of 2000 winners will share the prize pool of 10,000,000 $MOVE and 1,000 $PSR.

And a minor spoiler for Pandorans: Moverse would shortly be conducting an IDO on Pandora’s Launchpad. Grab the chance to secure a spot on the whitelist now!

Last words

The previous week, therefore, ended satisfactorily after much work. The PandoTeam aims to provide you with experiences and prizes that will help you on your path to being a great investor and succeeding with cryptocurrencies through many such activities. We take satisfaction not only in providing you with worthwhile experiences and activities but also in consistently enhancing our position in the market. With brand-new excitement from us, lift your spirits and get ready for the upcoming week!

Count on Pandora, your go-to DeFi friend, to keep your finances on track!

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