Tutorial Video | How to Claim PandoDrop

The long-awaited PandoDrop has finally made its way to the crypto space! We’ve prepared a short guide on how to claim the PandoDrop. The process is easy and you’ll find out all the steps needed for participating right in this video.

Magic is in the air now that the PandoDrop airdrop has arrived in PandoVerse. Hurry up, go to pandora.digital/airdrop to become the early owners of the robust multifunctional governance token PSR.

The Pandora team have put together a quick guide on how to claim the PandoDrop. This tutorial lays out in detail all of the steps necessary for our Pandorans to win a spot in the chase for free PSR!

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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***Beware of fake accounts impersonating pandora.digital. We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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