Staggering PandoStats | 4 September 2022

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  1. Pandora’s DEX
  2. PSR Token
  3. PAN Token

Pandora has been on a fast track for the past 3 months. And the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Check out below for some mind-blowing current Pandora statistics.

Pandora’s DEX

$3.41M Total Value Locked

$10.65M Trading Volume 7D

$2,747,360.91 Total Value Locked in Farms

$189,666.53 Total Value Locked in Pools

$350,039 Jackpot Pool

$518.73K NFT Staking Rewards Distributed

PSR Token

335,674 Transactions with PSR token on BSC Network

2,483 PSR Holders

90,620 PSR Burned

$16,196,110 Fully Diluted Market Cap

PAN Token

376,379 Transactions with PAN token on BSC Network

1,258 PAN Holders

20,730,334 PAN Burned

And it’s only the beginning, Pandorans! Stay tuned as Pandora approaches more awe-inspiring accomplishments!

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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