Share $9,900 in Rewards under NFT Security Promotion Series

In appreciation of users’ continuous support for Pandora NFT Security, we are launching some exclusive promotions for its holders!

$9,000 in Cashback for First-Time NFT Security Investors

Santa has arrived early at Pandora with a special offer for NFT Security investors. Earn $10 cashback on minted NFT Securities.

Promotion period: 7 December 2022 – 4 January 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC.

Discover NFT Securities:


  • $9,000 in cashback up for grabs.
  • Applies to first-time buyers only (max $10 cashback/person).
  • First-time buyers are wallet addresses that haven’t purchased any NFT Securities prior to the beginning of this promotion. 
  • Applies to NFT Securities minted directly from Pandora. NFT Securities purchased via P2P marketplace are not entitled to cashback.
  • The prize pool might run out before the promotion period ends.
  • NFT Securities of all face values are eligible for cashback. All cashback will be credited to investors’ wallet addresses within 3 working days after purchases.

Provide Your Feedback on NFT Securities & Share in $600

Here’s how:

  1. Successfully minted one or more NFT Securities from
  2. Go to the testimonial form (on-screen pop-up), fill it out & submit

$600 in prizes for the 12 best testimonials chosen by Pandora. 

Winning tips: 

  • The more thorough, specific, and enthusiastic your testimonials, the better your chances of winning
  • Submiting a video testimonial increases your odds of winning (text-only feedback can still win)
  • Pandora reserves the right to use any testimonials submitted as marketing materials, whether you win the contest or not

Lightning-Quick GiveAway for NFT Security Holders (CLOSED)

Prerequisites for getting your hands on these alluring rewards:

$300 prize pool split amongst 3 fortunate buyers.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Purchases from P2P Marketplace will not be eligible. 
  • You must mint or have minted at least 1 NFT Security directly from Pandora.
  • At least one minted NFT Security is in your wallet.
  • In case all of your minted NFT Securities are being staked, please unstake at least 1 and keep it in your wallet.
Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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