Quiz-2-Earn “DroidBot Trivia League” Winners Announced

We are very pleased to present the winners of our DroidBot Trivia League Contest. Congratulations and thank YOU all for your participation!

Let’s take a look at those who made it through:

5 Fastest Winners

No.TimestampEmailBEP-20 wallet address
17/22/2022 9:08:48macyg******@gmail.com0x419A8******0644C60
27/22/2022 9:11:28diemh******@gmail.com0xc7cDf******704D649
37/22/2022 9:16:00play4******@gmail.com0x14A9d******aBeEBA0
47/22/2022 9:22:51phuoc******@gmail.com0xbC3A0******a646B04
57/22/2022 9:24:14jukov******@gmail.com0xfaf9e******79bb472

5 Lucky Winners

No.TimestampEmailBEP-20 wallet address
17/22/2022 22:53:20cheys******@gmail.com0x83fBf******651060e
27/27/2022 3:31:42farou******@gmail.com0x231Af******547fD8b
37/27/2022 3:42:47tunji******@gmail.com0xEaA06******2332997
47/30/2022 1:42:53lilsh******@gmail.com0xcBc82******927344B
57/30/2022 16:01:29bruno******@gmail.com0x1d888******EF6245A

The winners shared a total prize pool of $500. We hope you had a blast trying to solve those tricky quizzes.

Answers to the Quizzes

1. What is the max number of DroidBots that can be upgraded at once in DroidBot Upgrade V2.0?

A. 5

B. 10

C. 15

D. 20

2. In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, how much will the upgrade fee increase for each next higher rank of the Main DroidBot?

A. 1,5 times

B. 2 times

C. 2,5 times

D. 3 times

3. Fill the blank: To upgrade DroidBot, merge Main DroidBot with Material DroidBot of _____________.

A. the same level

B. the same level or higher

C. the same level or lower

D. any levels

4. In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, if you upgrade a DroidBot L-6 using a Material DroidBot L-1, what is the failure rate of your upgrade?

A. 0%

B. 25%

C. 50%

D. 75%

5. Which of the following is not a similarity between DroidBot Upgrade V1.0 & V2.0?

A. To upgrade a DroidBot, merge it with a Material DroidBot of the same level or lower

B. Material DroidBot is burned upon upgrade

C. The lower the level of the Material DroidBot, the greater the odds of upgrade failure

D. The upgrade fee per level is identical between the two versions

6. In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, Peter tried to upgrade his DroidBot L-3 using a Material DroidBot L-3, and it was shown that his upgrade attempt was successful. What is the possible outcome of the upgrade?

A. Peter has got a higher-level DroidBot (L-4 or higher)

B. Peter’s DroidBot might not have been leveled up. Instead, that was its mine power that got increased after the upgrade.

C. Both of the above are correct

D. None of the above is correct

7. Fill the blank: In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, the upgrade fee depends on the level of _______.

A. Material DroidBot

B. Main DroidBot

C. Either Material DroidBot or Main DroidBot

D. Both Material DroidBot and Main DroidBot

8. In DroidBot Upgrade V1.0, Camilla attempted to upgrade her DroidBot L-7 by merging it with a Material DroidBot L-5. In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, Susan also decided to upgrade her DroidBot L-7 using a Material DroidBot L-5. How much was the upgrade fee that Camilla and Susan had to pay for their respective upgrade?

A. Camilla: 25,3125 PSR (Material DroidBot L-5), Susan: 56,953125 PSR (Main DroidBot L-7)

B. Camilla: 16,875 (Material DroidBot L-5), Susan: 25,3125 PSR (Material DroidBot L-5)

C. Camilla: 28,4765625 PSR (Material DroidBot L-5), Susan: 25,3125 PSR (Material DroidBot L-5)

D. Camilla: 25,3125 PSR (Material DroidBot L-5), Susan: 37,96875 (Main DroidBot L-7)

9. In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, upgraded DroidBots have higher mine power and are thus capable of mining more daily staking rewards for their holders. In which currency are the staking rewards paid out? 





10. In DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, Julia upgraded her Main DroidBot L-2 by merging it with a Material DroidBot L-1 and got a DroidBot L-4. How many PSR tokens were burned as a result of this upgrade?

A. 7,5 PSR

B. 5 PSR

C. 16,875 PSR

D. None of the above is correct

Until next time…

Thank you all again for joining our contest this time. We hope that the experience has been fun for you.

If you were not a winner this time around, rest assured that there are more upcoming contests aplenty.

Stay tuned!

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