Pandora x Alpaca Finance Limited NFTs

To commemorate the grand collaboration between Pandora & Alpaca Finance and honor our joint commitment to innovation & community values, Pandora will soon release an exclusive series of limited-edition NFTs that explore a different narrative of Pandora & Alpaca partnership through artistry.

These NFTs are classified into 4 levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each tier has a different total supply and its own set of eligibility requirements.

TierTotal Supply

Users who satisfy all the specified criteria of a particular tier will be eligible to claim an NFT of that tier.

Event Timeline


13 July 2022 at 3:00 AM UTC

Pandora has taken the following snapshots to determine whether a wallet is eligible for minting an NFT from this collection:

  • Snapshot of Alpies NFT holding wallets (contract here).
  • Snapshot of DroidBot staking wallets.

Release of PandoGallery

13 July 2022
  • Users can visit PandoGallery and connect their wallets to check whether or not they are whitelisted and which NFT tiers they are qualified for.

Minting period

From 7:00 AM UTC on 18 July 2022 until all NFTs are claimed
  • Users can visit PandoGallery and connect their wallets to check whether or not they are whitelisted and which NFT tiers they are qualified for.

How to mint Pandora X Alpaca Finance Limited-Edition NFTs?

For whitelisted Alpies NFT holding wallets:

The top 123 wallets by Alpies NFT holding as at snapshot time have been allocated the following tier-based allowlist slots.

Note: Alpies holders can visit PandoGallery and connect your wallet to verify whether or not you’re qualified for minting these NFTs and which tiers you’re qualified for.

TierAllowlist Slots for Alpies Holding WalletsTop Wallets by Alpies Holding as at Snapshot Time
Common100Top 24 – 123
Rare20Top 4 – 23
Epic2Top 2 – 3
Legendary1Top 1

Note: Those who are eligible for minting an NFT of a higher tier will be able to mint that of a lower tier in case the all the NFTs of the higher tier are no longer available.

For whitelisted DroidBot holding wallets
TierConditionsEligible tiers for minting
LegendaryAt least 1 Gold Combo as at snapshot timeLegendary, Epic, Rare, Common.
EpicAt least 1 Silver Combo as at snapshot timeEpic, Rare, Common
RareAt least 1 Bronze Combo as at snapshot timeRare, Common
CommonAt least one DroidBot being staked as at snapshot timeCommon

What are Gold, Silver, and Bronze Combos?

Pandora users can earn up to 2X rewards in $BUSD for staking DroidBot combos.

✔️Bronze combo: Stake 3 DroidBots of 3 consecutive levels & earn 1,15X rewards

✔️Silver combo: Stake 6 DroidBots of 6 consecutive levels & earn 1,4X rewards

✔️Gold combo: Stake 9 DroidBots (1 full DroidBot collection) & earn 2X rewards

Learn more about these combos and mine power bonus here

DroidBot staking

Did you know that on Pandora, everyone can stake DroidBots to earn daily rewards in BUSD.

Learn how to stake DroidBots on Pandora

How to stake DroidBots

What are the benefits of holding these NFTs?

These limited NFTs can be traded on PandoMarket. They will also serve as proof of entitlement to other privileges as put forth by Pandora in the future. Stay ready and keep your ears perked!


All the NFTs belonging to this collection are set to be minted for absolutely free on a first-come, first-served basis.

The acquisition of a whitelist slot does not guarantee the successful claim of an NFT. If you are eligible for minting this collection, please tune in onto PandoGallery as soon as minting is allowed in order to claim your NFT before it runs out.

Each whitelisted wallet can be qualified for various tiers but can mint ONLY 1 NFT of a tier of the wallet owner’s choice.

Pandora ensures the minting process is 100% risk-free. We do not require any approvals or transfers of any tokens or NFTs upon minting this collection.

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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