Pandora Weekly Highlights | 5/12 – 11/12

It’s been a super exciting week here on Pandora with lots of events, a partnership, and so many more of the things we have always anticipated materializing.

We couldn’t help but remain super thankful for our progress while working hard to achieve more and deliver more to our esteemed community. Here is a highlight of some of the biggest milestones recorded last week.

The 2nd Sale of NFT Securities is Now Live

The truth is, we can’t emphasize NFT securities enough. Aside from being the first decentralized stable investment instrument comparable to traditional government bonds, Pandora NFT Securities offer a high APR of up to 130% through staking and a stale interest of 11.5% annually paid every second. Play it safe in the bear market today by investing in Pandora NFT Securities. A new batch of your safest DeFi investment asset started selling last week. Visit the official NFT Securities page to invest today. 

Ellipsis Finance & PandoSwap Integration

The Pandora team has been working on a split order and liquidity solution to improve your experience on the platform. We finally secured an excellent integration partnership with Elipsis Finance to provide better swaps, more trading pairs, and the possibility of getting the best trading prices right on PandoSwap. You can start swapping your tokens today, or learn more about the integration here

7 Exciting Events are Ongoing

It is the season of more, and we have so many events specially made for your holiday to be more fun than ever. 

Santa Cashback Galore – $9,000 (ends on 4 Jan 2023)

The Santa Cashback galore ends on January 4th. NFT Securities investors who mint Pandora Securities on the official website will receive a $10 cashback irrespective of the value of the NFT Security purchased. Go to the official Pandora Securities investment page to get yours now and share up to $9,000.

Untold BearTales – $1,300 (ends on 29 Dec 2022).

We know you would instead. You didn’t share your bear market downturn stories with anyone, but we added an exciting part to all the sad stories. Users who share their stories on Twitter using the #UntoldBearTales & #NFTSecurities hashtags qualify to win up to 26 prizes, and we shall let you know how it turns out.

Review to Earn – $600 (ends on 4 Jan 2023)

The Review to Earn is another huge step to reward participation and honesty and stir growth of Pandora services. During the week, we launched a campaign where all Pandora users can share up to $600 for leaving detailed reviews in written and video format after purchasing the Pandora NFT Securities

PandoQuiz – $500 (ends on 15 Dec 2022)

In the PandoQuiz, users will understand that it is proud and rewarding to know about Pandora’s products. We made the Pando quiz for the super curious with above-average knowledge about Pandora’s interesting products and ecosystem. You can share up to 500 by getting questions right in the Quiz.

Learn to Earn – $500 (ends on 18 Dec 2022)

Learning is underrated on several decentralized platforms, which is not so encouraging for a highly dynamic space like Web3. We decided to reward those seeking to know more about Pandora with cash in the Learn to Earn event. Curiosity pays!

Quest to Earn – $200 (ends on 14 Dec 2022)

You are missing out on a lot if you are not following all our social channels to learn about the newest investment opportunities in the Pandora exosystem. The quest to Earn rewards users for completing specific tasks defined in the campaign. You can get started here to receive your cash reward. 

World Cup League – $200 (ends on 18 Dec 2022)

The biggest soccer event is live, and we haven’t missed a moment here on Pandora. The World Cup also means a lot to us, and we launched the World Cup Minigame on Discord to prove just that. The live contest is about predicting and getting rewarded for the right prediction. 

Jackpot Winners Report for Rounds 3001 – 3400

Our six lotto players who just won big in rounds 3001 – 3400 of the Pandora Jackpot are the epitome of hard work, tenacity, and consistency. They have won a total of $2,727 in prices broken down into 1863 PSR, 95245.66 PAN, and 824.27 BUSD. To stay inspired, you can check out the official lucky winners’ list here. The minor prize during the event was $998.98. You, too, can become a lucky winner by crafting and opening PandoBoxes to get free lotto tickets, upgrading DroidBots to gain free lotto tickets, and purchasing lotto tickets for just $1.


We believe your support has propelled us to our current height and we are thankful for it all. Not in words alone, though, as we are building more rewarding products to give you the best-decentralized experience you have ever imagined. Let’s face it. Pandora belongs to everyone, and it only gets better when you all get more from your favorite DeFi exchange. Hold tight for the next streak of rewarding events we have for you this coming week. Remember that the official community channel is the best and only place to stay updated. 

Pandora – your best DeFi friend!

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