Pandora Weekly Highlights | 4/7 – 10/7

The first crypto week of July at Pandora has been filled with spectacular developments and meaningful events that rocked Pandorans’ experience.

Let’s catch up on the best moments of this week.

The 100-Day Top-Up Operation

The PandoTeam is pleased to announce the beginning of #the100daytopupoperation. Under this promotion, a total of $200K worth of BUSD will be gradually added to the NFT Staking Reward Pool every day from now until 15 October. The daily top-up is $2000 BUSD per day.

This initiative will ensure the stability of daily earnings for all NFT stakers. It’s worth noting that 70% of all swap fees and 50% of PandoMarket commission also constantly go towards funding the staking reward pool.

6 enlightening PandoTalks 

Every week, we host a series of discussions called PandoTalks with the purpose of helping investors decode “DeFi” – a buzz term in the contemporary financial sector. This week, the series’ board of speakers was comprised of the C-level representatives from Pandora. Various crypto communities, including Meta-NFT Hub, Multiverse Labs, Metablockchain, and ID Crypto, joined forces with us to bring DeFi-filled chats to all our Pandorans. Through those insightful and engaging conversations, we strived to empower thousands of crypto enthusiasts, both newbies and veterans alike, to enter the DeFi market with confidence and success.

The team closed out this week’s AMA series with a special PandoTalk held at the Pandora Launchpad Community. Joining our Launchpad Community will allow you to stay up-to date on the upcoming IDO/INO launches. The beta version of the launchpad is due out soon in July.

Pandora was Top 5 TVL Gainer in 7D & Top 1 TVL Gainer in 24H on the BNB Chain

The crypto world has been catching onto the allure of Pandora, which made it one of the top 5 best performing BNB Chain Dapps by 7-Day TVL growth this past week.

With a whopping 28,21% growth in 24-hour TVL, Pandora rose to rank No.1 on the BNB Chain’s top TVL gainers list. This staggering achievement has been featured on BSCNews as well.

The above-mentioned achievements are a vivid manifestation of users’ increased approval and demand for our Dapp. The journey Pandora took to get this far has been nothing short of amazing. Our team has made a conscious effort to optimize our Dapp’s UX/UI while relentlessly innovating new features with the aim of providing a holistic and seamless decentralized investment experience for everyone.

Product development update

The team has been working relentlessly on improving our users’ experience with Pandora and adding more value to our dearest community. This week, we decided to reveal a tiny hint of some things we have up our sleeves. Important product updates were also brought to the table.

This week, we completed UX/UI enhancement for our referral feature, including an innovative way of presenting referrer’s Claim History. We also added the Referral List that enables users to conveniently manage their list of referees and keep track of their referees’ earnings in one place.

Furthermore, the Crafting/Opening PandoBoxes V2.0 has been rolled out this week, allowing users to craft & open up to 10 PandoBoxes at once while saving up to 75% on their gas fees compared to V1.0.

The latest version of DroidBot Upgrade was also released this week. The greatest thing about it is that now DroidBot lovers can upgrade their favorite droids with 100% success rate.

All the improvements and innovative aspects of DroidBot Upgrade V2.0 are neatly broken down in this article:

That’s not all from us yet. The team has more in store for you over the next few weeks:

  • Pandora x Alpaca Finance: Limited NFT Collection for DroidBot Stakers
    Pandora’s DroidBot Stakers will have a chance to mint free collectible NFTs from Pandora in the upcoming days. These exclusive NFT editions can be traded on PandoMarket. More utilities that come along with them will be developed in the near future.
  • PandoGallery: Decentralized, fine-art space that allows the talented artists, dedicated brands, and our dearest partners to showcase tier-based, limited, occasional, and free-to-mint NFT collections.

Exciting events are on the way

Community is the backbone of every crypto project, Pandora is no exception. Building a strong and zealous community that powers the sustainable growth of our project is the team’s ultimate goal from the very beginning.

Being a Pandoran means that you have free and full access to our join-to-earn contests and events, which are renewed weekly. Hence, Pandorans could not be bored when being part of our vigorous and loving community.

Age of DroidBots Contest (8/7 – 15/7): Open PandoBoxes to win a chance of sharing a prize pool of 10,000 PSR.

PandoInstitute: DroidBot Trivia League: Grasp all you need to know about DroidBot Upgrade V2.0 from this article and answer several multiple-choice questions to win.

PAN Distribution Adjustment

The PandoTeam has decided to rebalance the PAN reward distribution amongst our Farms, Staking Pools, and Trade Mining after thoroughly evaluating and taking into consideration community input. These adjustments came into effect from 9:00 AM UTC on the 6th of July.

Massive Farm Boost on Pandora.Digital

This was another good news for PandoFarmers in the past week. The sky is not the limit when it comes to your earnings on Pandora. All you need is a little reward boost from us!

Enjoy increased multipliers & Earn skyrocketing yields with Pandora now!

If you’re new to Pandora, this short tutorial on how to farm can help!

New skyscraping-yield offers on Pandora

Uplifting our users’ earnings on Pandora is our core mission. Keep that in mind, the Pandora crew keeps on hunting for new lucrative investment opportunities so that you can enjoy Pandora’s services with greater profit.

The recent influx of 4 new farms and 4 fresh trade mining pairs is sure to keep you all entertained until next week when more exciting updates are expected.

  • Stake $ALPACA-$BUSD LPs, Earn PAN
  • Stake $ADA – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 15X)
  • Stake $DOT – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 15X)
  • Stake $ETH – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 20X)
  • Trade $ADA – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Trade $DOT – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Trade $ETH – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Trade $ALPACA-$BUSD, Earn PAN

Final thoughts…

Above is a detailed wrap-up of all the pleasant news and epic accomplishments Pandora has managed to achieve within this week.

With our heads held high, we continue to fight on despite the obstacles that lie ahead. Nothing can stop our passionate team from moving forwards with tireless determination and undeterred passion. With a keen eye on the future and plenty of passion, we’re confident that there is no feat too tough for our team and we’re driven to take your DeFi experience with Pandora up another notch.

Pandora is bound to become the key to helping you unlock new earning opportunities in this decentralized world.

Broaden your financial freedom pathway with our inclusive DeFi ecosystem.

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***Beware of fake accounts impersonating We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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