Pandora Weekly Highlights | 31/10 – 6/11


The first week of November was incredible with many exciting things happening in the Pandora community. As we move on to a new week holding our heads high in anticipation of yet another week filled with remarkable achievements, let’s take a moment to reflect on the big things that played out at Pandora last week.

Pandora Weekly Highlights | 31/10 – 6/11

Pandorans’ Stories of Success

A user recently made it big by crafting and opening PandoBoxes. With just $64 to craft & open 10 PandoBoxes, he got lucky & received:

  • 10 DroidBots (with 1 DroidBot L-5) that can be staked to earn instant passive income in BUSD
  • 14 lotto tickets, one of which won a Mini Jackpot worth ~$250.
  • Be qualified for the prize pool worth $4,250 of Legend User’s Round 1.

Read more here.

Unlocking More Benefits For Active Pandorans

We take a step daily to reward active users on Pandora, and this week we unveiled another set of rewards for active Pandorans.

All users ranked in the user-level system can now enjoy NFT staking rewards and a fee reduction when unlocking NFT staking slots.

Check out your updated benefits now:

Besides, don’t forget to keep track of the user-level newest release calendar here.

It’s Live And Hot! Jackpot Winners Report for Rounds 2,401-2,600.

Check out the 22 lottery winners who recently took home $25,980.95 in prizes here.

One user secured a record win with a minor prize worth $1,874.14 at round 2419. No one ever gets lucky doing nothing, so start taking action:

Wrapping Up Round 1 of the Legend User Contest, $4,250 in PSR Distributed 

In case you missed it, we’ve already announced the winners in Round 1 of our Legend User contest last week. You can check the OFFICIAL LIST of prize recipients by visiting Pandora’s Discord/#Campaign.

The data from the first round are a testament to Pandora’s success. We are proud of all, and we appreciate your continued support. Don’t forget that $7,250 is up for grabs in round 2 of the same contest for those who will stick around. Learn more here.

Legend User‘s Round 2 is Going On

All in the same week, our beloved Pandorans have taken part in the heated 2nd round of the Legend User contest for a chance at winning a total of $7,250 worth of prize money.

All you need to capture those juicy rewards is to achieve the 6,000 or 12,000 EXP milestone.

Join NOW:

Final Words

Hit the follow button on Pandora’s official social channels so you won’t miss out on any rewarding opportunities. No kidding! You know how much Pandora cares about its users and will constantly update you whenever the next big thing happens. The best way to get it right as it happens is by following us on our official social media channels, so stick around and get winning.

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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