Pandora Weekly Highlights | 30/5 – 5/6

The past crypto week at Pandora was fulfilling and productive. The team proudly presents to you a detailed rundown of this past week’s notable happenings at Pandora.


Pandora was highlighted by BSC News as one of the top TVL gainers on the BNB Chain in the last 7 days. Pandora is a tireless explorer, always looking to conquer new DeFi heights. It keeps on breaking its old milestones and establishing others. But Pandora’s quest for success does not stop here though – it’s only just begun. All Pandorans, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Global marketing effort

The crypto world never sleeps, and that’s exactly why we never stop pushing the limit of Pandora’s spread. Our PandoTalk series has gathered a significant number of attendees. Within this past week, 6 sessions were co-hosted by Pandora’s partnered communities. This all-time favorite series provides global DeFi lovers valuable information on how Pandora can be a novel solution to their investment needs.

PandoRace concluded

The conclusion of PandoRace saw a total of 1396 upgrades conducted, with most being successful. 1396 Droids were also burned in the wake of this event. Moreover, a total of 9040,39 PSR paid as upgrade fees were burned throughout the course of the contest. The 20 winners who exerted their efforts were rewarded with 10,000 PSR.

More exciting PandoEvents are about to come. Keep your eyes peeled because we know you don’t want to miss out on the chance to win awesome prizes from us.

New use case for PAN added

PAN serves as the primary financial incentive for all users of the Pandora ecosystem. Our users are rewarded with PAN for participating in the Pandora DEX. This past week, the PandoTeam decided to expand this token’s utility while offering its community another income-generating opportunity:

PAN holders are now entitled to another stream of stable income while holding onto their favorite token (because you deverse it).

PAN burn acceleration

A minor adjustment has recently been implemented to our Craft PandoBox feature. The option to pay with PAN & PSR upon crafting a PandoBox has been temporarily deactivated. Only the option of crafting a box using 1000 PAN is available for the time being. 

Under this new mechanism, 999,9 PAN will be burned every time a new box is created. 0,1 PAN will be converted to PSR and then burned too. Previously, only 800 PAN & a number of PSR equal to 200 PAN in value were burned each time a new box emerged. On Pandora V2.0, we will max out the number of PAN burned upon crafting a PandoBox to 1000. 

This modification has been made in an effort to diminish the circulating supply of PAN. 

Mining Rush setting off

This week, Pandora has launched another exciting contest named Mining Rush. The competition is all about trading with a reward pool worth 10.000 PSR that will be distributed to 20 winners. Even if players don’t make it into the top 20, they are still able to earn PAN rewards based on the accumulated hashrate they gained for the trades they made via Pandora.

Read up the detailed rules here.

Dog-themed meme coins stealing the spotlight

Memecoins raised a huge question mark back in the day, but now they are legendary as they make up a huge proportion of the global market cap. This week, the PandoVerse was spiced up with multiple lucrative, meme-inspired offerings:

  • Swap SHIB-BUSD, Earn PAN (10X)
  • Stake SHIB-BUSD LPs, Earn PAN (10X)
  • Stake DOGE-BUSD LPs, Earn PAN (10X)
  • Swap DOGE-BUSD, Earn PAN (10X)

We always keep up with the market and create more earning opportunities for our dearest Pandorans. Stay tuned for more surprises from us!

Check out the fresh additions to Pandora

Let’s diversify your PandoPortfolio with the following income-producing opportunities that have recently been added to Pandora:

  • Stake TRX – BUSD, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Trade TRX – BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)

NFT Marketplace Upgraded

NFT Marketplace connects DroidBots’ and PandoBoxes’ collectors and vendors, and it’s our mission to make this bridge as advanced as possible. As such, the team decided to implement some minor upgrades to its NFT Marketplace this past week because that was essential in ensuring high-quality performance and improvement of the Pandora Marketplace.

Now our users can visit and exploit the vast potential of our Marketplace V2.0 and find some amazing pieces that will make your PandoCollection more diverse. We hope that more lucrative deals will be made with ease in the future via this improved marketplace.

May recap

May was a month of success for Pandora with huge accomplishments and growing popularity as it moves forward with its DeFi endeavor, continuing to break records left, right, and center. The team has put together an informative recap on all the milestones we achieved together with YOU this past May. Read more here.

Until next time…

A lot of changes have been made on Pandora, showing Pandora’s efforts in making the most qualified DEX for DeFi users. Your feedback is always welcome and highly appreciated. We still have a lot of exciting features to be unpacked in the near future, so stay tuned and keep supporting us!

Got any exciting ideas about DeFi? Join Pandora now and let yourself be heard!

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