Pandora Weekly Highlights | 30/01 – 05/02

Last week saw continued progress towards the realization of our goal to empower Pandorans financially in 2023. We are excited about the innovative solutions we have been crafting, and anticipate sharing more news in the near future!

Pandora Weekly Highlights | 29/01 – 05/02

With your daily schedule packed to the brim, staying up-to-date on all that’s happening with your beloved DEX can be difficult. No more worrying about keeping up with updates from your favorite DEX – we’ve got you covered! Stay informed on Pandora’s latest news, events, and developments with our condensed report.

Pandora’s Development Roadmap for Q1/2023 

We are super excited to have achieved our ambitious goals in 2022. We plan to pursue and achieve loftier goals inspired by Pandora’s vision to expand user benefits through continual improvement in 2023. To that end, Pandora has published a roadmap for Pandorans to follow through and hold it accountable while the team is doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Why Pandora is the Best DEX out there for Trading Stablecoins

Do you want to bask in DeFi unscathed? There are many platforms, but Pandora is one of a kind. Pandora is the go-to destination for savvy traders looking to maximize their stablecoin profits. With near-zero swap fees, unlimited trading rewards, and a range of reliable investment options that allow you to put your stablecoin holdings to work, such as stablecoin farming, you can always grow more from your stablecoin holdings on a secure platform that offers unparalleled returns.

Why Trading Stablecoins on Pandora?

Jackpot Winners — Round 4001 – 4700

18 Pandorans have experienced luck, reaping a staggering $6,370.52 in prizes from the Pandora lotto! Winners were awarded 5,967.1 PSR; 217,142 PAN; and 1,891.6 BUSD – truly astonishing rewards that will make this unforgettable experience one to remember!

Jackpot Winners — Round 4001 – 4700

Take your time to applaud our special winners here, and remember thta when you open PandoBoxes, upgrade DroidBots, or purchase lotto tickets, you are sowing the seeds of fortune!

Explained: How to Generage Passive Income with Your NFTs

Do you know that there are several ways to earn passively with NFTs? Let’s build your crypto success with passive income strategies using NFTs! Pandora’s recently released a comprehensive guide to help you maximize earnings with your NFT holdings, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

Earn Money on Your NFTs By Staking on Pandora


Pandora is committed to making your DeFi experience one of a kind. We remain grateful to our users and are proud that everyone is reaping the good we planned for every platform user. Pandora is committed to supporting its users through the ups and downs of all market conditions, standing strong in bear markets, and celebrating alongside them during bull runs.

Sustain your finances with Pandora — your favorite DeFi companion!
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