Pandora Weekly Highlights | 28/11 – 4/12

Last week at Pandora, we witnessed a lot of exciting stuff taking place. Aside from “Bear Fighter” NFTs and Winning Team Predictions contest in celebration of World Cup 2022, our CEO also talked to Pandorans in an open letter.

Pandora Weekly Highlights – 28/11 – 4/12

Here are some highlights showing the most remarkable events from the past 7 days.

Learn All about DroidBots on One Page

DroidBots are Pandora’s native and innovative NFTs randomly generated in 9 levels. The DroidBot’s level determines its mining power. The higher the DroidBot’s level, the more the staking rewards it earns.

DroidBot One-Pager

Consider investing in Pandora’s DroidBot to stabilize your income and diversify your portfolio in a bear market. You can get DroidBots by purchasing them on PandoMarket or crafting & opening PandoBoxes. More on that here.

Bear Fighter” NFTs are Now Available for Minting

“Bear Fighter” NFTs are Now Available for Minting

We’re glad to announce that the limited-edition NFTs “Bear Fighter” are now available for minting. These are special gifts exclusively given to the lucky winners of the Pandora Securities Genesis Trial program. You can check the winning list and mint your Bear Fighter NFTs. We’ve made this detailed guide to help you out in case it is your first time minting a limited NFT on

Winning Team Predictions Contest with $200 in Prizes is Ongoing

Winning Team Predictions Contest with $200 in Prizes is Ongoing

In celebration of the biggest soccer event on the planet, Pandora is organizing a minigame called “Winning Team Predictions” on Discord. You don’t need to be Paul the Octopus to participate & grab a share of $200. Go to our Discord server and join hundreds of other football fans from across the globe in guessing the outcome of each match held within the framework of the World Cup 2022.

Nearly 36M PSR & PAN Have Been Burned to Date

Over the last several months since Pandora’s inception, we have been working together with our dearest community to burn nearly 36M PAN and PSR. This is a collective effort on behalf of all the stakeholders in the Pandora ecosystem in order to boost the long-term value of our native tokens PSR & PAN. You can help us expedite the execution and achievement of this goal by upgrading DroidBots, Crafting PandoBoxes, and unlocking staking slots

Letter from Pandora’s CEO

Mika Germani, Pandora’s CEO and the head behind this robust ecosystem all this while, shared his thoughts on the most eventful crypto winter we are currently facing in his latest letter to the Pandora community at large. If you concur with him, NFT securities might be all you need to emerge unhurt during these turbulent times. Invest now to start your journey to safety, stability, growth, and increased earnings in crypto. 

Quiz-2-Earn with Pandora. $500 in Prizes up for Grabs.

Quiz-2-Earn with Pandora on Discord

This minigame on Discord is a fun-filled way to test your knowledge of Pandora and earn easy crypto. Well-informed Pandorans who know our products to the core will share a total prize pool of $500. You can join in on the fun now, but first, learn the rules here

NFT Staking V3.0 is Coming Soon

NFT Staking V3.0 is Coming Soon

DeFi doesn’t have to be a desolate world. The Pandora NFT Staking V3.0 promises to raise users’ experience with Dapps to a new level with its renovated, gamified interface and a premium staking pool for high-level DroidBot stakers. Stay tuned for more, as we surely have a lot coming your way. 

Untold BearTales” Contest with $1,300 in Prizes

“Untold BearTales” Contest with $1,300 in Prizes

The Untold BearTales lets Pandora users share their downturn stories from 5-29 December 2022 | 9:00 AM UTC for a chance to share $1,300 in prizes.


We appreciate your support from day one, Pandorans, and hope to see more crypto enthusiasts out there benefit from the various earning opportunities that Pandora has to offer. Hold tight for the next streak of rewarding events we have for you this coming week. Remember that the official channels are the best and only place to stay updated. 

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