Pandora Weekly Highlights | 27/6 – 3/7

June came to an end this past week, which saw the beginning of July. With it comes new promising plans for Pandora.

The team is here to give you a flashback to all the pandorable moments we shared together within the last 7 days. Let’s dive in!

6 informative PandoTalks

Entering the world of DeFi can be an exciting, yet confusing experience for many. The jargon and terminology used in this space are extensive. It’s easy for newcomers to feel overwhelmed and get lost without proper preparation and substantial knowledge.

Having exactly understood the varied obstacles investors might face on their path towards financial freedom, Pandora has been carrying out its mission of serving as a trustworthy source of DeFi knowledge and information that helps onboard many new users into DeFi on a daily basis.

Through its weekly PandoTalk series, Pandora strives to help worldwide crypto investors better understand what exactly goes into making up one’s personal finance plan in the web3 age, as well as provides information about various risks involved when investing money into crypto or blockchain projects/tokens.

Within this past week alone, 6 PandoTalks were held with different crypto communities, including Cryptonesia Global, Crypto Everytime, Crypto Titans, Crypto Solution, and Metablockchain. Those sessions were aimed at enabling web3 enthusiasts and Pandora’s community members alike to stay relevant and be able to make more sound investment decisions, especially in turbulent markets – where everything is unpredictable and volatile.

We’re glad that our PandoTalk series has been able to gain traction from the global crypto community at large, not only because of the rewards being given out during those sessions, but also the genuine value brought forth by them. Our team has no doubt that those two-way discussions will make everyone involved ready to embark on their decentralized earning journey and dive more profoundly into the DeFi space.

DroidBot Upgrade V2.0 is Nearing

One of the most popular and distinctive offerings in Pandora’s lineup – DroidBot Upgrade – is about to get refined. With all your feedback and suggestions in mind, the team has made significant enhancements to this core product that will bring about even more advantages for all DroidBot lovers.

Whether you’re an experienced user or new to Pandora, this newest version of DroidBot Upgrade has been tailored towards your needs and expectations. The improved version of DroidBot Upgrade is nearly ready and will soon be available on

Are you eager to learn more about how this product enhancement can polish up your experience with our Dapp and boost your earnings to the next level? Click here to find out.

Rise of Pandorans Contest Ended

This past week, we have successfully concluded the Rise of Pandorans Contest with impressive stats. 111,138 PAN were rewarded to and claimed by those who successfully invited their friends to Pandora. Meanwhile, their referred friends also earned a whopping 2,222,760 PAN on Pandora’s farms, staking pools, and trade mining. The contest ended with an awards gala where 20 winners were rewarded with 10.000 $PSR in prizes for their hard work and dedication. With Pandora, all your effort does pay off.

It’s hard to say goodbye to this fascinating contest as it brought us not only the joy of sharing and connection but also the joy of earning. But Paulo Coelho once wrote that “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”.  So, let all your sorrow wipe away if you missed this contest because we are cooking up new PandoEvents for YOU.

4 new offers with skyrocketing APRs on Pandora

This week, our Dapp was packed with 2 new farms and 2 new trade mining pairs. The team behind Pandora always strives to bring new chances of striking gold for our Dapp’s users and supporters. We hope these fresh and beneficial additions have improved your crypto portfolio and uplifted your crypto assets.

Newest high-yield farms on Pandora

Stake $BNB-$XRP LPs, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X).
Stake $BNB-$LINK LPs, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X).

Trade & Start earning passive PAN income on Pandora

Swap $BNB-$XRP, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X).
Swap $BNB-$LINK, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X).

Pandora x Alpaca Finance: Stake ALPACA – Earn PSR

Another good news for all Pandorans is that our lucrative Grazing Range Pool with a total reward pool of 23,300 PSR is now up and running on You can start staking $ALPACA and gaining more $PSR from now until 25 August. Exclusive NFT collection will be given out as special gifts for the pool’s stakers who meet Alpaca Finance’s specified requirements.

Final words…

The Pandorans are a loyal and dedicated crew. They’re the driving force behind all of Pandora’s success from day one. A special shout-out goes towards all Pandorans out there for helping make what has been achieved possible. Without YOUR continued enthusiasm and support none of those magnificent results would have been possible.

Amidst a Defi world run by trust, we are honored to earn yours. We are so grateful to have such an amazing community with us on this journey!

There are only 7 days per week, but it is just enough for Pandora to make your DeFi experience different! Stay tuned and take advantage of our upcoming PandoEvents to multiply your crypto income.

The future of finance is centered around DeFi. Join us to stay relevant to this revolution!

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