Pandora Weekly Highlights | 26/12 – 01/01

Happy Holidays!

As we wrap up the year 2022, we want to thank our partners and all Pandorans for their support. We hope to build more products to help you achieve your financial goals. Here are the highlights from the past week for our dearest Pandora community.

6 Thrilling Events with $10,600 in Prizes

Last week, all Pandorans were invited to an unforgettable celebration packed with fun & rewarding activities.

Santa Cashback Galore with $9,000 Prize Pool

The giveaway event saw Pandorans who invested in NFT Security receiving $10 from all their first-time buys. First-time buyers are wallet addresses that haven’t purchased any NFT Securities prior to the beginning of this promotion. Find out more about the event here.

Review to Earn – $600 in Prizes Awaiting

Review2Earn is an event where users can provide their feedback on NFT Security & share $600. You could win $50 on each testimonial selected by Pandora. The more thorough, specific, and enthusiastic their testimonials, the better your chances of winning the contest. More on the event here.

$400 up for Grabs Under “Merry Memas” Contest

The Merry Memas contest was live and it was all about sharing crazy memes on Discord for prizes. Pandorans could unleash their meme power to share $400. Detailed rules here. The Merry Memas Contest ran from 20 to 27 December 2022. 

$250 Given During “Ups and Downs” Minigame

We gave out $250 to 5 winners in the special Ups & Down event where Pandorans tested their price prediction skills. Participants predicted whether BNB would rise or fall from a particular mystery level and received rewards for doing that. 

$200 Shared In The “Active2Earn” Minigame

The Active2Earn campaign was created to see how much you truly love and use Pandora products. Consistency is the key to winning the Pandora Active2Earn program. More on the campaign here.

Take Our Christmas Quest & Share $200

We launched a fantastic Christmas Quest with our special guests LiveArt, Yuliverse, Xrun, KOLO, EMIT Protocol, and AllsparkFinance. The quests are available here.

Untold BearTales’ Round #2: $650 in Prizes Distributed

Congratulations to the 13 winners of Untold BearTales Round#2. Let’s lift the curtain on these talented storytellers: here. Thank you all for sharing your worthwhile crypto experiences with us!

For those who are entitled to fiat rewards, prizes have been distributed to your wallets. Those who are entitled to cashback on NFT Securities, please DM us proof of your purchases on Pandora’s Twitter, including your NFT Security mint TxID on BscScan and your BEP-20 wallet address where the minted NFT Security is kept. Note that please hold the NFT Security in the registered wallet until 5 Jan 2023 for verification purposes.

2022 in Review

We created a 2022 recap video and released it to the public. Check it out here and reflect on all that Pandora has encountered in this action-packed year via our video. From valuable experience and achievements to areas of development, and more…


We are so thankful for your unwavering support and enthusiasm which have helped us reach the heights we have attained today. We remain dedicated to creating more enriching products to give you the most incredible decentralized experience.

After all, Pandora is for everyone, and it only continues to get better when we all reap the rewards from our favorite DeFi exchange. Keep an eye out for the upcoming events we have planned for you this week. Make sure to stay informed by checking the official community channel.

Stay financially strong with Pandora – your favorite DeFi companion!

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