Pandora Weekly Highlights | 26/09 – 02/10

Another week has gone by as we work together to build a better DeFi ecosystem. The PandoTeam is glad to highlight the unique events that occurred this week!

Trade Mining V2.0 has officially launched

Pandora has finally released an improved version of Trade Mining V2.0 after a lengthy wait. What are the unique aspects of this version?

  • More incentives, more chances to earn.
  • Earn compound interest on your unclaimed PAN rewards.
  • Earn hashrate & PAN rewards even on swaps that are not directly executed through

All the benefits of Trade Mining V2.0 are now at your fingertips.

What’s new in Trade Mining V2.0 compared to its older version may be found in full here.

$5932.39 in Jackpot Prizes shared by 12 winners during rounds 1501-1700

During rounds 1501–1700, 12 fortunate Pandorans won a total of $5932.39 in jackpot prizes (2816.45 PSR, 77706.51 PAN, and 2344.86 BUSD).

See who those lucky folks are by clicking here!

Anyone may win big on if they do the following:

Rewards for the Active Pandorans Challenge winners have been given out

The contest has been over for a week; the names of the winners have been announced; and the prizes have been given out.

No worries if you didn’t win this time; there will be lots more competitions in the future. Stay tuned!

PandoBurn Report on 30 September 2022

As of September 30, more than 28 million PSR and PAN had been set on fire (119,731 PSR burned & 28,717,534 PAN burned). Thank you to all of our loyal users for being active on, which helps with these burning processes.

Help us speed up these processes by doing the following:

📍Upgrading DroidBots:
📍Crafting PandoBoxes:
📍Unlocking staking slots:

Pandora Community is now officially on CoinMarketCap

With the regular addition of new social platforms, Pandora’s presence is growing like wildfire. This is clearly illustrated by the official community of Pandora on CoinMarketCap.

$606.06K+ BUSD have been paid out to Pandora’s DroidBot stakers

Pandora has rewarded its DroidBot stakers with over $606.06K BUSD until September 30. In order for users to profit to the maximum, Pandora is constantly working to improve its product. Expect further progress from us in the near future!

Three new liquidity sources integrated into Pandora Swap

Recently, Pandora Swap has integrated MDEX, KnightSwap, and Defibox to provide you with new trading alternatives.

Find out how these integrations benefit you in the detailed article here.

You may take advantage of all the special benefits of Pandora Swap v2.0 with only one tap.

Last words

Despite the fact that it has only been a week, numerous significant milestones and exceptional occurrences have occurred. Stick with Pandora as we journey to reach the top spot in the DeFi market.

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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