Pandora Weekly Highlights | 23/05 – 29/05

This past week at Pandora has been a fascinating one. To summarize the highlights of Pandora’s progress, let’s take inventory of all that it has accomplished throughout the past week.

Pandora is Top 4 Largest TVL Gainer on the BNB Chain in 24H

Pandora is unstoppable! It keeps reaching new heights with each passing day. 

Check it out:

The potential of Pandora is enormous and yet to be fully discovered. Your belief and support make everything possible, Pandorans! Keep going strong with us!

Global marketing effort

Since the official launch of Pandora, our team has been working hard to magnify Pandora’s presence and influence across the crypto world. This week, 6 engaging PandoTalks were co-hosted by various partnered communities of Pandora. Through those thought-provoking sessions on all things DeFi, Pandora was striving to offer worldwide crypto-enthusiasts an effective way to dive deeper into the futuristic world of finance with a little help from Pandora.

Incorporating industry-leading technology Chainlink VRF as a means of upholding transparency and dignity

As an advocate of financial technology, Pandora constantly seeks to employ modern utilities that can enhance the quality of its existing decentralized system. With an offering that is completely based on randomness like the Pandora Decentralized Jackpot System, transparency and equality for all are at the core of its service.

On that basis, the PandoDevs decided to incorporate Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) into their jackpot system in order to ensure that all the results cannot be tampered with or manipulated by any single entity including operators, miners, users, and even the devs themselves. More details here.

New Farm and Trade Mining Pairs Added

Stablecoins are amongst the most secure stores of value in the highly volatile and turbulent crypto world. Now crypto fanatics around the world can put their favorite stablecoins to work thanks to the recently added farms on Pandora.

Stake $USDD – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)

Stake $TUSD – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)

This week, 3 new trade mining pairs were also amongst the latest additions to Pandora.

  • Swap $USDC – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $TUSD – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $USDD – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)

Did you know that:

Pandora’s unique “Trade Mining” mechanism provides that every time someone traded on Pandora, they earned a certain hashrate depending on each trading volume. Each trader’s hashrate will accumulate over time if more trades are conducted. The higher the hashrate, the more PAN rewards the trader earns.

Pandora is growing at a rapid pace. In the near future, there will be even more ways for everyone, both DeFi veterans and newcomers, to join in on this exciting and highly rewarding protocol.

Reward boost

After receiving users’ constructive feedback, we have decided to elevate the PAN rewards on Farm & Trade Mining for the USDT-BUSD pair and the BUSD rewards on NFT Staking Pool.

More specifically, the updated multipliers for both the pools is 20X, which doubles their previously set multiplier.

This week, the PandoTeam has also decided to top up the NFT Staking Reward Pool with 100K more $BUSD, and now this reward pool has DOUBLED in value. It means now you all will EARN 2X daily rewards in BUSD for staking DroidBots.

Pandora made its first appearance on DeFiLlama

DeFiLlama – one of the top-notch Decentralized Application trackers – has featured Pandora’s DEX. You can look for Pandora’s key information on You can also look forward to Pandora’s extension to more tracking sites in the near future.

PandoRace kicked off

The most exhilarating community activity of Pandora this May has finally started off this week. While maintaining a lucrative financial environment for everyone, we’re also trying our best to make Pandora entertaining and intriguing for all our users through different contests and giveaways.

From 26-31 May, all Pandorans can participate in our PandoRace just by upgrading their DroidBots. They will score a certain number of points for each upgrading session despite the results. Top 20 PandoRacers with the highest points will share a reward pool of 10,000 PSR.

Check the PandoRace’s terms and conditions here.

DroidBots take an important role in Pandora’s protocol. When they’re generated, Pandora’s tokens – PSR and PAN – are inherently burned. Anyone who possesses these DroidBots and stakes them in the Pandora NFT Staking Pool is entitled to daily earnings in BUSD.

Pandora’s token burn report

PAN and PSR tokens are burned with each second that ticks by. All PSR & PAN burned are 100% transparent and recorded as transactions on the BNB Chain. 

The proof of burn can be found below:

Rest assured that our team is closely monitoring and evaluating how the emission of PAN & PSR would affect our users.

More ways to combat the inflation of PSR & PAN might be applied in the near future so that your PandoInvestments can stay safe from dilution.

Final words…

Just a few days after Pandora’s grand debut, we are more than delighted to see so many people have given Pandora a try, and so many have been sticking around with us to exploit the earning potential only available on Pandora. We have received so many thoughtful comments from you, our beloved Pandorans, and we are trying every single day to make Pandora the best DEX for YOU! Thank you for your never-ending support. Please stay tuned to find out how much we can grow together!

Got any exciting ideas about DeFi? Join Pandora now and let yourself be heard!

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*Official Dapp:

***Beware of fake accounts impersonating We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.

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