Pandora Weekly Highlights | 21/11 – 27/11

During the week, we recorded another streak of exciting events, from product releases to product updates. We also rounded off programs to mark the end of some rewarding events designed by the team to propel Pandorans to success.

Let’s sneak a peek at some of the wonderful stuff that happened!

Pandora Weekly Highlights – 20/11 – 26/11

6th Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

PandoBoxes are Pandora’s deflationary NFTs designed to be mintable by Pandorans in the platform’s native token, PAN. Starting with 800 PandoBoxes at launch, we have reached the 6th stage of the periodic 10% cutdown in PandoBoxes.

6th Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

The recent cutdown brings the number of mintable PandoBoxes to 423 daily. PandoBoxes are surprise packs with opportunities such as randomly generated DroidBots that you can stake for passive income and lottery tickets that could make you wealthy in record time. Unlock unbelievable opportunities with PandoBoxes today. 

Jackpot Winners Report for Rounds 2801 — 3000

It was a day full of excitement as we announced our six lucky lotto players who had won $3,525.77 in prizes (1915.46 PSR, 110070.44 PAN, 999.46 BUSD).

Jackpot Winners Report for Rounds 2801 — 3000

You can check out our star-studded winners here. There was a record win with a minor prize of $1489.09 at the 2862nd round. Make your success by crafting and opening PandoBoxes, upgrading DroidBots, and purchasing lotto tickets at just $1. Note that you earn 100 EXP for each lotto ticket you buy. 

Limited-Time Offer for VIP NFT Security Holders

We released a limited-time offer for VIP NFT security holders, with 25,000 PSR distributed in 60 days.

Limited-Time Offer for VIP NFT Security Holders

Starting 23 November 2022, at 7:00 AM UTC, Pandorans could mint and stake NFT securities. The test page was also live for everyone to check out the new product. You can learn more about NFT Securities or find answers to your questions here

Pandora NFT Securities Now Available For Purchase

The first-ever decentralized, fixed-interest securities issued in partnership with NVC Group went live and are available for purchase. We allowed everyone to grab the exciting early opportunity offering fixed staking with an insanely high APR.

Pandora NFT Securities Now Available For Purchase

Pandora NFT Securities offers dual interests through a fixed APR + staking rewards, per-second interest payouts, and flexible profit claims from anywhere globally. 

Rounding Off the Pandora Epic Quest 

We drew the curtain in celebration with our 100 lucky winners in the Pandora Epic Quest.

Rounding Off the Pandora Epic Quest

The final part of the event was graced with an exciting giveaway packed with surprising rewards. We also distributed $2,000 in prizes directly to the wallets of our lucky participants, and you can check if you got yours here. We sincerely appreciate the promising 5,543 players for joining and encourage you all to stick around and stay motivated, as there is more in store for you.

Concluding the Pandora Securities Genesis Trial 

Concluding the Pandora NFT Security Genesis Trial

In appreciation to all those who took the time to participate in the Pandora Security Genesis Trial, we selected 500 lucky winners to claim 500 stunning NFTs from our rare Bear Fighter collection.

Limited “Bear Fighter” NFTs Are Now on PandoGallery

Our rare Bear Fighter NFT went live; you can find them on the PandoGallery.

Limited Bear Fighter NFTs are Now on PandoGallery

Minting will be available for our lucky Pandora Security Genesis Trial program winners from 29 November 2022, 9:00 AM UTC. The limited-edition NFTs are tradeable on the PandorMarket, and holders are eligible for future rewards/perks.


It is a new and great week ahead in the Pandora community. Keep your head high and stick around while the team works hard to bring you more rewards. We can’t wait to announce your victory in one of our many incentive programs.

Stay current on the numerous opportunities by following our social channels while you work your way up to success. Everyone wins on Pandora, provided they stay dedicated, so never feel left out. Stay inspired when you see other lucky winners coming by. We have seen users record unimaginable success using Pandora. 

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