Pandora Weekly Highlights | 20/6 – 26/6

Another eventful week at Pandora has come to an end, we are so proud of what we have been through with all our beloved Pandorans.

Over the last 7 days, we’ve made some incredible progress. Let’s take an insightful look at our highlighted movements to see how far we have come since starting this journey with YOU, Pandorans!

Global marketing effort

This week, Pandorans has flung themselves into 6 insightful PandoTalks, which were hosted by C-level representatives from Pandora and our partnered organisations. We were so glad to have Elpis Battle, Crypto Club, Crypto Challengers, Arzano Crypro on the mic with us.

Each of our PandoTalk sessions spotlighted a different topic related to the development of DeFi, which enabled participants to broaden their spectrum of financial opportunities. Many good questions were raised by our participants and properly addressed by our respected hosts throughout those events.

The success of our PandoTalks acts as our source of motivation for our dedicated team to bring more valuable conversations so that you can be equipped for whatever comes next.

10.000 PSR to be won under the Rise of Pandorans contest

Did you know that you’ll get rewarded for inviting your friends to Pandora? This time around, apart from the 5% individual referral commission, those with the most referral bonuses will also share a reward pool of 10.000 PSR under the Rise of Pandorans contest.

On your toes already? Take a glance at our instructions on how to participate now!

PandoEvents – latest addition to Pandora

Weehoo, it has arrived! With the purpose of building a vibrant community, Pandora holds tons of fruitful events that you do not want to miss. However, we are living in a world full of buzz and distractions, it is easy for us to miss out on those activities.

Having recognized this issue, we launched a new feature called PandoEvents, which is tailored just for YOU. This recent-added ingredient is served for the Pandorans to take a deep dive into everything coming your way in the next few weeks on Pandora, especially the events with big prizes.

Upgraded products and optimized UI/UX are on the way to you

Our Pandora Community is as vigorous as always, buzzing with various new innovations and developments. For this week’s highlight, all eyes are on the upcoming versions of PandoBox, DroidBot, Jackpot, and new look of PandoMarket, Homepage, Swap interface. All improvements are made with the purpose of making your user experience significantly more seamless and intuitive.  

Let’s shout out to our DEV team as they have spent days and nights working on these updates. Before officially rolling out, we will put them through rigorous audits to ensure both the quality and security of every new product that we dish out into the market.

Daily PandoBox allocation reduced to 720 boxes/day

PandoBox is designed to be deflationary because at launch, the maximum allowable number of PandoBoxes that can be minted per day is limited to 800. This number shall decrease by 10% every 30 days onwards.

And the time has come for the periodic cutback in daily PandoBox allocation. Starting from the 20th of June, the max allowed number of boxes that can be crafted each day has been cut to 720.

2X PAN Rewards for Farming USDC-BUSD on Pandora

Unlocking new earning opportunities for stablecoin enthusiasts is one of Pandora’s core values. Keep this in mind, on the 20th of June, we have decided to implement a 2X reward boost on the $USDC – $BUSD farming pair for all the farmers. By increasing the multiplier from 10 to 20X, Pandorans can earn double PAN only on this day.

PSR is officially listed on CoinGecko

By listing PSR on CoinGecko – one of the leading platforms that provide a fundamental analysis of the crypto market, all Pandora users can instantly catch up with our latest movements in terms of price, volume, and market capitalization. There will be more integrations between Pandora and the high credibility partners in the crypto space to ensure that we will always be your trusted companion on your financial freedom path.

2 new Pandofarms and 1 new trade mining pair are added to Pandora

This week our farmers have welcomed two new PandoFarms on Pandora. You can start staking $BTT – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X) or $USDT – $USDC, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X) to enjoy great skyrocketing APRs.

Another trade mining is also available on Pandora for you to strike gold with the latest trade mining pair USDT/USDC. You can trade $USDT – $USDC, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X).

Until next time…

That’s a wrap for such a pandorable week at Pandora! We will truly take our platform to the next level and improve your experience in the next following weeks. And while it will surely take some time for our dedicated talents to get all the new features and events ready, we are more than certain that you will absolutely be satisfied.

So, keep a keen eye out on our social media to make sure you are the first to know when any good news is announced.

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