Pandora Weekly Highlights | 19/12 – 25/12

Pandora Weekly Hilights

In the joy of the season, we are excited to share this week’s highlights with the community. A lot of campaigns are coming to an end, but there is so much more coming your way.

We started some rewarding events and programs this past week in the spirit of Cryptmas. There are also a couple of events that will run in the coming weeks, and we enjoin all Pandorans to be a part of them. You know we have always got your back and are working to offer you even more.

7th Periodic Reduction In Daily PandoBox Supply


Following our commitment to keeping the Pandora ecosystem stable and sustainable, the daily PandoBox supply just took a cut last week. Henceforth, Pandora users can only mint 380 PandoBoxes daily. The next deflation is scheduled for 19 January 2023. Wondering about the exciting stuff packed in each PandoBox? Get your PandoBox to find out. You can also learn how to craft and open PandoBoxes. 

Weekly Event Calendar

We have got you if you have been looking to catch some exciting opportunities on your favourite DEX. Just hang on there! Some of these events are ongoing so keep your eye on the calendar to spot the perfect one for you.


Santa Cashback Galore

Santa Cashback Galore marked Santa’s early arrival at Pandora with a special offer for first-time NFT Security investors, featuring up to $9,000 in cashback. First-time buyers, aka wallet addresses that haven’t purchased any NFT Securities prior to the beginning of this promotion, are eligible for the cashback. The promotion event ends on 4 January 2023. Mint your first NFT Security here. 


Untold BearTales

We offer Pandorans a chance to earn some sweet Cryptmas presents by sharing their crypto experiences. The more compelling and inspiring it sounds, coupled with the social attention it pulls, the more rewards you’ll earn. Details about the contest are revealed here.

Review To Earn

How thorough, enthusiastic, and precise can you get with your NFT Security experience on Pandora? Can you make a video to substantiate your faith in this exciting new investment vehicle? We’re running a Review To Earn campaign, in the framework of which you can earn $50 for each detailed and genuine review on NFT Security picked by us. Invest in Pandora NFT Securities and share your thoughts with us now. The campaign ends on 4 January 2023.

Active to Earn

Imagine using an exchange for so long without receiving a thing as a gift for always being there. You deserved a pat at the back at least, or don’t you? We made the story different on Pandora through the Active2Earn program. The more you engage by using Pandora, the bigger your chances of winning. More on this here.

Season Greetings!

We remember telling you we’ve got a lot more coming your way this sharing season. The Merry Quizzas, Merry Memas, and Christmas Quest will see participants taking home a combined prize of $1,000. 

Merry Memas

The Merry Memas contest is live and it is all about creating and sharing funny and creative memes on Discord. Unleash your meme power to share up to $400 in prizes. You can find the detailed rules here.

Merry Quizzas

Test your knowledge of Pandora and win up to $400 under the Merry Quizzas contest. Checkk the detailed rules here.

Split Order vs. Smart Order Routing

In the graphic below, you can see the output amount significantly increases with the help of split order. This algorithm splits a trading amount into several smaller trades and executes them across different exchanges/liquidity sources in order to achieve the best execution price for each trade and reduce high slippage while ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction. Learn more about split orders here

Winners of Untold BearTales Round#1 Announced

After having carefully processed & examined the appeals, we can now announce the victors of the 1st round. You can check them out here. Those who are entitled to fiat rewards prizes in round #1 have received the funds in wallets. Those who are entitled to cashback on NFT Securities should please DM us proof of your purchases on Twitter.

Pandora Swap’s Updated Development Roadmap

Pandora is focused on paving the way for a more rewarding & secure trading experience for all. This focus manifests itself in the comprehensive development roadmap shown below.


Seasons greetings, Pandorans!

We are indeed grateful for your support which has helped us attain our current height. We remain committed to building more rewarding products for YOU and offering you the best-decentralized experience you have ever imagined.

Pandora is a community-centered project, and it only gets better when you can all benefit from our Dapp. Hold tight for the next streak of rewarding events we have for you this coming week. Remember that the official community channel is the best and only place to stay updated. 

Stay financially strong with Pandora – your favorite DeFi companion!

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