Pandora Weekly Highlights | 19/09 – 25/09

It has been an honor to share our PandoJourney with you, Pandorans. Thank YOU for your invaluable contributions, thoughts, and energy!

We achieved so much in such a little time thanks largely due to Pandora’s dedicated and vigorous community. It’s hard to put into words how incredible last week was – but we’ll give it a go.

4th Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

The daily supply of box production has now been reduced to 524, from a maximum of 583 boxes/day previously. This is the fourth periodic reduction in the daily PandoBox allocation. PandoBoxes are becoming scarcer. The next cutdown is scheduled for 19 October. 

Craft, open & be blessed:

PandoBurn Report on 21 September 2022

Up to September 21, 2022, more than 26M of PSR & PAN have been burned (108,320 PSR & 26,224,534 PAN). To maintain a consistent supply of tokens and increase their long-term worth, burning them is necessary.

Help us speed up these burning processes by doing the following:

📍Upgrading DroidBots:
📍Crafting PandoBoxes:
📍Unlocking staking slots:

Trade Mining is Ready to Roll

Trade Mining V2.0 will be released to the public shortly. While we’re all eagerly waiting for this monumental release, we’ve prepared a handy infographic for YOU to learn all about the new improvements in the new version of Pandora Trade Mining. Get familiar with Trade Mining V2.0 today so you can reap its many benefits in the future.

We also have an essential note for all of you. Once this revamped feature is up and running, the previous version will no longer be supported on This means that your accumulated hashrate and unclaimed PAN rewards in Trade Mining V1.0 will be reset to 0. Therefore, we URGE you to HARVEST your trade mining rewards now to prevent losses:

Jackpot Winners Report – Round 1301–1500

18 lucky Pandorans collectively won $28,551.09 in jackpot prizes (10,932.31 PSR, 202,853.52 PAN, 10,054.19 BUSD) during round 1301-1500.

Let’s gaze upon these fortunate stars here.

Acquire some lotto tickets & wait for luck to smile on you:

✔️Get free lotto tickets by crafting & opening PandoBoxes:

✔️Gain free lotto tickets by leveling up your DroidBots:

✔️Test your luck with as little as $1 & have a chance to win up to $70K+:

Active Pandorans Challenge officially finalized

One of the special events aimed at developing the Pandora community has concluded. Thank you for your support and participation!

Check out the complete list of awardees here. 3295 PSR, 150 PandoBoxes, and 3 DroidBots will soon be at your disposal. Stay tuned!

Final words

Every week, we endeavor to provide our users with many new, exciting & profitable events and products. To make sure you don’t miss any of them, follow us on our official channels.

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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