Pandora Weekly Highlights | 18/7 – 24/7

Another action-packed week on Pandora has concluded with spectacular DeFi-filled talks, notable product enhancements, and awesome contests.

This article neatly summarises everything. Dive in now!

Important Updates On NFT Staking V2.1 

Last week, the PandoTeam implemented some upgrades to the NFT Staking smart contracts in an effort to improve this feature’s security and efficiency. As a result, NFT Staking V2.0 was no longer supported on, and all users’ V2.0 Mining Rewards were reset to 0 as of 11:30 AM UTC, 18 July 2022.

  • We asked everyone whose NFTs were staked in V2.0 to unstake them all as of 11:30 AM UTC on 18 July 2022, then restake them in V2.1 to continue reaping the staking rewards.
  • On July 18, 2022, PandoTeam topped up the daily staking rewards with $2000 more BUSD as a sincere apology for all the inconvenience caused by these upgrades.

Global Marketing Effort

Each PandoTalk session highlighted a different topic related to DeFi which enabled participants to broaden their spectrum of financial opportunities. This week, there were four PandoTalks held in our community. We received a myriad of DeFi-filled questions from crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The success of these discussions motivates our PandoTeam to bring more insightful conversations so that you can be well-equipped for whatever comes next.

Pandora x AlpacaFinance Limited-Edition NFTs Almost Ran Out

PandoTeam is happy to announce that our limited NFTs collection partnering with Alpaca Finance has almost been taken. We want to thank every Pandoran for your enthusiastic support. Without YOU, we could not achieve the following impressive stats:

  • Legendary: 1m56s
  • Rare: 3m29s
  • Common: 5h24m13s

Only 3 exclusive EPIC NFTs left! To be eligible to claim these EPIC NFTs, you must get 1 Silver Combo (6 staked DroidBots of 6 consecutive levels) or become Top 2/Top 3 Alpies NFT holders at snapshot time. Hurry up and take action to grab yours!

Mega Jackpot Was Distributed To Top 50 Traders

Congratulations to the TOP 50 TRADERS of the Trade League – Round #1. We have successfully distributed The Mega Jackpot prize, which was worth a whopping $101,179 in $PSR, $BUSD, and $PAN. Go here and claim yours now!

A short tutorial on how to claim:

Let’s look at the marvelous stats of Pandora Trade League in Round 1 now:

  • Total Hashrate of top 50 – 684,001.97
  • Total $PSR awarded – 20,391.6331 $PSR
  • Total $BUSD awarded – 30,038.16124 $BUSD
  • Total $PAN awarded – 69,022.12216 $PAN

To those who have not been lucky enough to win this time, another race towards the next Mega Jackpot prize is on the way. Keep calm and trade more to increase your possibility of winning.

Stake, Farm, and Swap TAUM On Pandora Was Deactivated

Although every party must come to an end, it’s sad to announce our collaborative offers with Orbitau on expired on July 19 at 00:00 UTC. We’re sure that these staking pools and farms did help you boost your earnings to the next level.

If you are a liquidity provider, trade miner, or staker of the following offers, you can still cash out your pending PAN rewards, if any, and claim back your staked funds.

  • Stake TAUM-BUSD, Earn PAN 
  • Stake TAUM, Earn PAN 
  • Swap TAUM-BUSD, Earn PAN 

After saying goodbye to these lucrative offers, let’s say hello to the upcoming prospective investment opportunities. We will inform you soon. Stay on your toes, Pandorans!

PandoInstitute: “DroidBot Trivia League” Contest Has Begun

The Pandora Community is always packed with numerous events which bring enormous earning opportunities to our beloved Pandorans. This week, PandoTeam was delighted to release the first-ever Quiz-To-Earn minigame to help YOU better comprehend our DroidBot Upgrade V2.0.

Let’s prove how well acquainted you are with our latest DroidBot Upgrade version & stand a chance to share in a $500 prize pool. The contest takes place from July 22 to 9:00 AM UTC on August 1.

This rewards pool is only available to five randomly selected winners and the first five people who submit eligible entries. What a blast! You can find more details on how to join here.

A Sneak Peek at Limited-Edition NFTs “Pandeus” Was Released

Let’s shout out to all Pandora’s talented artists who worked tirelessly over the last week to ship such an exclusive NFT collection — “Pandeus”. Inspired by Greek mythology, its two versions of Light Pandeus and Dark Pandeus will surely blow your mind!

The top 50 traders in the First Trade League will be able to start minting the state-of-the-art Pandeus NFTs for free very soon. Hodlers of those can trade them on PandoMarket to earn or keep them in your wallet to enjoy the rare privileges in our forthcoming events.

Only 40 NFTs are available, and they are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, there are 50 people who have been whitelisted to mint these NFTs. The competition to collect them would be fierce!

Make sure to come early enough to grab your chance. Keep a keen eye on our social media to grasp the latest announcements.

Learn more about how to claim NFT on PandoGallery here.

In Conclusion…

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how grateful the PandoTeam is for all the love and support from Pandorans. None of these above-mentioned accomplishments would have been possible without YOU! In the next few weeks, Pandora’s dedicated crew will keep bringing you more distinctive product improvements, rewarding events, and enlightening talks, which will surely enrich your DeFi journey.

All important news will be shared through our official media channels. Please stay tuned so you don’t miss any good news!

Pandora – your best DeFi friend!

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