Pandora Weekly Highlights | 18/04-24/04

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As we close out another booming crypto week, let’s take some time to reflect on everything that we have accomplished throughout the past seven days.

Global marketing effort

The Pandora team is continuously looking for ways to connect DeFi fanatics from all across the world together! It’s time to discover how to gain complete financial independence with ease and with a little help from Pandora. The ultimate solutions for all of your financial concerns will be disclosed through our weekly interactive PandoTalk sessions.

Pandora’s distinctive and enlightening PandoTalks have impressed crypto enthusiasts around the world, allowing them to discover DeFi for themselves while learning more about how DeFi might help them attain financial freedom. Every weekend, our native group, Pandora Community, holds a unique AMA with its core team. Participating in our interactive PandoTalk session will not only ease your crypto curiosity but will also provide you with a number of intriguing benefits in exchange for your insightful questions!

Marvelous PandoDrop airdrop

The long-awaited PandoDrop has finally made its way to the crypto space! We’ve got a mighty reward pool of 150.000 vigorous PSR for those who get in early. Hurry up, go to to get 30 PSR tokens airdropped to your wallet. Don’t forget to invite friends while you’re at it. Then you can both catch our juicy PSR rewards. Read more on our terms and conditions for the PandoDrop here. You can watch the detailed guidance on how to claim the PandoDrop in the video below.

Last words…

We can’t wait for the world to see what we’ve been working on since the launch of Pandora is just around the corner. We’re delighted to be moving closer to the introduction of Pandora, our gamified DEX of the future! While the team anticipates what lies ahead, we never forget those who have made this project possible, which includes you, Pandorans! Please keep supporting us as we get closer to creating something incredible together. Meanwhile, keep up with the latest updates at Pandora by following us on social media!

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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