Pandora Weekly Highlights | 17/10 – 23/10


Another week at Pandora ended with numerous thrilling events. Let’s take a moment to reflect on all that occurred last week as we get ready for what’s next.

User Level is Now Available on Pandora.Digital


After a long wait, the User Level system that will forever change the way you engage with DeFi was finally introduced on on 20 October.

This first action-based reward system in DeFi ranks all Pandora’s users according to their participation in the protocol. Users may then earn badges, avatars, and other benefits for their level of engagement.

Check which level you’re currently on and reap all the benefits associated with it NOW:

Digest these well-organized docs to master our User Level fully:

  • A thorough explanation of how User Level works: here.
  • Instructions on how to navigate Pandora’s user-level system: here.

5th Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

As of the 5th periodic reduction on 19 October, the daily supply of PandoBoxes has decreased from 524 to 471. The next cut is scheduled for 19 November.

The importance of this reduction is that it makes PandoBox scarcer, which raises its value and any droid within in the long term.

Learn more about PandoBoxes & DroidBots.

The Legend User Contest with $20,000 Total Prize Pool is Coming

In celebration of the launch of User Level, a new contest called Legend User will be held. Who doesn’t love a good contest? There will be $20,000 in prizes up for grabs under this fantastic opportunity. The contest period will be from 27 October-17 November with three different rounds so don’t miss out on your chance at some amazing rewards by checking it out now.

Winning tips:

📍Familiarize yourself with our User Level feature to get advantage over your fellow contestants.

📍Actively use other products & services on

📍The more you engage with, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Pandora Sharing 5 Innovative Ways to Earn with DeFi


DeFi is a new wave of financial products intended to offer people a more transparent and secure way to invest and earn. With new products and platforms being released all the time, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved in DeFi.

Discover the five new ways to invest and earn with DeFi that you could have overlooked by reading the article we have prepared.

Last words

Unexpected and explosive events happen every week at Pandora. We hope you won’t miss anything by following our OFFICIAL channels for latest updates.

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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