Pandora Weekly Highlights | 16/05 – 22/05

This week marks the biggest milestone in the PandoJourney, and we would like to send our warmest gratitude to all our beloved Pandorans.

Let’s cherish Pandora’s great achievements from the past 7 days, as we would keep these happy memories together!

Global marketing efforts

This week, 6 informative PandoTalks were hosted with some of the highly active crypto communities. The Pandora Team appreciates all questions from the crypto-enthusiasts, and we hope to give them more insights about Pandora from these discussions. Stay alerted for next week’s calendar not to miss any new PandoTalk with us!

2nd PandoDrop’s conclusion and PSR rewards distribution

The 2nd PandoDrop ends with the total winners of 2,345 with 37,134 unique wallets. This marks our last giveaway event and paves the way for proficient DeFi users to join Pandora’s journey. Check your wallet to see our gifts to you – PSR rewards – and learn why you should hold this awesome token here.

Contract address: 0xB72bA371c900aa68bb9Fa473e93CfbE212030fCb

Pandora is officially launched on the main network

Pandora’s loyal followers together have been waiting so long for the platform that’s promised to shape the future of DeFi. Well, the wait’s over, and our beloved Pandorans can now actually start off their PandoJourney, where they are offered the innovative gamified DEX with huge incentives. Pandora has officially launched on May 19 2022. Just within the first 24H, Pandora has reached the TVL of $950K. We cannot be more grateful for this. Thank YOU so much for making this happen! Discover the futuristic experience of trading and earning here. Pandora LOVES you, so please continue to give us your biggest support.

Pandora announces partnership with Orbitum – The Seven Deadly Sins

Orbitum has jumped on board with Pandora to make more profitable chances to DeFi users, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Orbitum is an open-world role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Players will meet familiar gods, but their stories and endings will be very different.

From this vivid partnership, TAUM holders can enhance their profits, or use PAN tokens to give Pandora’s platform a try.

·         Stake TAUM-BUSD, Earn PAN (40X Multiplier)

·         Stake TAUM, Earn PAN (5X Multiplier)

·         Swap TAUM-BUSD, Earn PAN (25X Multiplier)

Take a peek at Orbitum’s native token TAUM and its vision here:

Brand new farm pairs were added to PandoFarms

At Pandora, we always do our best to provide users with earning opportunities. Within the first day of work, we have enlarged PandoPools by adding 5 more farm pairs:

·         Stake $USDC & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X) (Current APR: 7,388%)

·         Stake $GST & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X) (Current APR: 13,025%)

·         Stake $WBNB & $USDT LPs – Earn $PAN (10X) (Current APR: 105,237%)

·         Stake $BUSD & $MBOX LPs – Earn $PAN (10X) (Current APR: 7,932.85%)

·         Stake $GMT & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X) (Current APR: 11,822.58%)

We hope this variety of farm options will satisfy the crypto lovers that want to give Pandora a try. You will not be disappointed!

And to wrap things up…

It’s been an exciting week for us all with so many drastic changes for Pandora! Nothing can compare to your kind support to us ever since day one! With that being said, we are very grateful for everyone who’s been with us until now. Pandora will never stop striving to reach further heights, so make sure you stay updated by keeping an eye on the news channels and joining our discussion groups. We will only communicate with you through the OFFICIAL channels.

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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***Beware of fake accounts impersonating We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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