Pandora Weekly Highlights | 16/01 – 22/01

As the days of January flew by, Pandora made sure every moment was packed with something special in its second week of 2023. From product releases to thrilling community events and more, it’s clear that this new year is going off with a bang!

DroidBot Staking: An Ultimate Earning Opportunity on Pandora.Digital

DroidBots are Pandora NFTs that anyone can own and stake to multiply their earnings. Many users have reaped incredible rewards from staking in the newly-introduced Premium Pool. With their constantly growing capabilities, DroidBots have become an indispensable ally to all Pandorans.

If you’re new to the world of NFT Staking and need a guide, be sure to read our comprehensive documents for everything you’ll need: How to get a DroidBot?, How to level up & be eligible for Premium Pool?, How to navigate NFT Staking V3.0 interface?, NFT Staking V3.0 FAQs.

A Lucky Pandoran Recently Won $1,502 in Jackpot Prizes

The fortune gods were smiling down on a select few of our Pandora users recently. After recording all the sensational moments, we discovered one remarkable individual had won an incredible three lotto prizes for a grand total prize amount of $1,502! What luck! View proof here.

Unleash your potential for incredible rewards! With Pandora, it’s never been easier to become the next jackpot winner. Try your luck by opening PandoBoxes & getting free lotto tickets; upgrading DroidBots & gaining free lotto tickets; or purchasing lotto tickets for $1 each. Take action now and start winning big in no time.

8th Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

Following our continued commitment to building a stable yet rewarding DeFi ecosystem and experience for our users, another 10% of PandoBox’s daily supply has been removed as of 19 January 2023. Henceforth, only a max of 342 PandoBoxes can be created per day. The next reduction will be on 19 February 2023.

Discover the remarkable surprises hidden inside each PandoBox! This extraordinary experience could bring you an impressive DroidBot that unlocks unlimited earning potential, as well as free lottery tickets that can lead to a grand prize of $53K+. Unwrap these boxes and reveal your own fortune today.

Follow this guide on how to craft PandoBox and open PandoBox.

Pandora—Reinventing DeFi through Innovative & Profitable Financial Solutions

We published a blog post explaining the vast earning opportunities in store for all users who stay committed to using the Pandora Dapp. With the addition of innovative DeFi products like NFT Securities, DroidBot Staking, and Trade Mining, Pandora has become an increasingly lucrative platform for users to capitalize on.

Read the full article here and discover the exciting possibilities that await.

Double Buff Promotion Ended

The Double Buff promotion was an astounding achievement, engaging many of our Pandorans and granting them a stellar opportunity to increase their EXP twofold during a limited time period.


Get ready to soar, Pandorans! The Pandora team is setting you up for financial success as we witness the opening of a new bull run. You can trust that your finances will be in good hands with us. Stick around on our social channels and keep using Pandora to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. 

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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