Pandora Weekly Highlights | 15/08 – 21/08

The pace of life goes by so fast, and another DeFi week at Pandora has passed with awesome activities.

Now, let’s review the incredible experiences we’ve shared together during the past week!

All-User Approaches: What We’re Doing

Our anticipation of the next PandoTalk sessions is always well founded, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of Pandorans. This week, we have hosted 2 vibrant Q&A sessions in collaboration with C.I. Community and Venomous Capital. Additionally, we were pleased with how well the AMAs on the Discord and Twitter platforms went, with a high degree of interaction between Pandoteam and the participants.

New PandoDirection: An all-in-one decentralized trading platform

To provide you with increasingly profitable experiences, a new direction has already been determined for Pandora’s prospecting future. The two preceding directions, “The first gamified ecosystem for DeFi” and “The highest-paying DEX,” assist in shaping a bolder Pandora pathway. With the new focus, Pandora has a bright future as “The one-stop decentralized trading platform.” You’re entitled to fantasize about having access to the highest levels of liquidity, the widest variety of token pairs, the best swap rates on trades, the lowest trading costs, the greatest swap paths that maximize token output, and more. All of these possibilities will soon be included in Pandora in form of a single platform. Together, let’s wait and strive to achieve our ultimate aim of success in the cryptocurrency world.

Applications for Launching IDOs/INOs on Pandora Launchpad Are Now Open!

Pandora Launchpad began accepting IDOs and INOs last week. We’ll solve difficulties and customise the finest techniques to maximise IDO/INO success at every stage of your launch. Pandora’s enablements reduce project challenges and unlock new potential. We believe the benefits of launching an IDO/INO on Pandora Launchpad will not disappoint you!

Explore how we make it work here!

Contact us to boldly launch your IDO/INO!

PandoInstitute: Jackpot Trivia League – Prize Distribution Completed

Following the first successful Quiz-To-Earn minigame, we conducted another Jackpot Trivia League from August 4-14 to assist people in comprehending Jackpot V2.0. Through this contest, Pandorans may prove how well they learned the current Jackpot version and win huge rewards.

Find the 10 winners and quiz answers here. We’d also want to congratulate all our awardees for their participation and achievements.

3rd Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

The daily supply of PandoBoxes has been reduced again further due to deflationary concerns.

The number of boxes that can be created in a single day has now been reduced to 583
(formerly up to a maximum of 648 boxes each day). The following reduction is scheduled for the 19th of September.

Advantages of crafting & opening PandoBoxes:

  • Receiving DroidBots & earning daily rewards in BUSD for staking DroidBots
  • Receiving lottery tickets & possibly winning huge jackpot prizes
  • Accelerating PSR/PAN token burns & fostering their value

Shilling Bounty: Rewards distributed

Much appreciation for helping get the word out about Pandora to the rest of the crypto community. The PandoTeam is overjoyed by your enthusiasm for our project. Big applause to the five best boosters who have successfully received 105 $PSR and secured 05 IDO whitelist slots.

The PandoTeam is continually developing creative and rewarding competitions to increase your income. Follow us to never be out of the loop!

In conclusion…

Expressing the PandoTeam’s gratitude for the love and support of Pandorans might be difficult at times. Without YOU, none of the accomplishments listed above would have been possible. In the coming weeks, Pandora’s devoted staff will continue to deliver you unique product enhancements, enriching events, and insightful discussions that will undoubtedly enhance your DeFi experience.

All significant news will be shared via our official media. Please be informed so as not to miss any great information!

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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***Beware of fake accounts impersonating We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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