Pandora Weekly Highlights | 11/04 – 17/04

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This past week has been jam-packed with adventure and achievement. In preparation for what’s coming up, let us take time to reflect back on all that has happened at Pandora thus far.

Global marketing effort

This week, the team at Pandora has been hosting an array of exciting events, with 5 fruitful PandoTalk sessions held in collaboration with multiple crypto communities and 1 special PandoTalk with our native group – Pandora Community. We were able to create a more welcoming and diverse Pandora community by engaging with various crypto communities across the blockchain universe, while also providing crypto enthusiasts around the world with valuable insight on decentralized finance that will hopefully help them achieve financial success as well.

150.000 luminous PSR up for grabs during PandoDrop

The big, juicy PandoDrop airdrop is inching closer and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve got a mighty reward pool of 150.000 vigorous PSR for those who get in early. PSR not only acts as the governance token within Pandora’s dual-token system, but it is also highly utilized across the Pandora ecosystem. As Pandora’s official launch is right around the corner, owning PSR tokens would bring huge benefits to our users and community. Don’t miss this precious opportunity to become the early holder of our PSR token. Remember to follow our social channels for more information on the marvelous PSR airdrop coming on the way.

1st Pandora Community Airdrop Winners Determined

Finally, the much-awaited winners of the 1st PSR Community Airdrop have been determined and distributions will be occurring soon! Thank you for your huge interest and participation, with a total of 205,465 participants who completed all the required tasks – that was far exceeding our expectations. Follow this link to find your name amongst the victors. If you were not lucky this time, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming PandoDrop airdrop – it might just turn out that you’re one of the lucky winners.

Pandora Beta Test Winners Announced

It’s time for the winners to show up! We are pleased to present to you the winners of our Closed Beta Test. The winners of our Pandora Beta Test deserve a round of applause for their genuine contribution to making Pandora a better Dapp for everyone. Please find yourself amongst the winners HERE. Please contact Pandora’s support via our Telegram Group 1 or Telegram Group 2 if you don’t receive your reward by 3 May 2022.

Until next time…

Happy Easter, fellow egg (and crypto) hunters! The traditional chocolatey eggs are great, but we think this Easter should have some extra excitement thrown in with the dazzling PandoDrop rewards coming soon. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands around those staggering crypto rewards from us. Stay tuned on our social channels for more info in due course and get ready to be blessed!

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