Pandora Weekly Highlights | 09/05 – 15/05

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As we wrap out another successful week, let’s take a look back at everything that has happened at Pandora during the last seven days.

Global marketing efforts

This week, our exciting PandoTalk series continued with 3 AMAs and 3 Q&As that were mega-successful. Our global PandoTalk series has been an ideal way to connect with crypto enthusiasts from across the globe.

Pandora x SupraOraclesFresh Strategic Alliance is Formed

We’re excited that SupraOracles has now joined forces with Pandora. SupraOracles offers a novel oracle toolset to developers so that they can create, launch, and manage data applications seamlessly. 

Pandora & SupraOracles are going to work on many aspects together:

  • Creating mutual opportunities 
  • Co-implementing new PR & marketing initiatives
  • Cross-promotion
  • Community expansion 

Read the detailed article about our partnership here. Pandora & SupraOracles partnership will open many new DeFi doors for both communities!

Pandora’s Open Call For Partnership

Pandora is actively calling for partners that share a common goal of making DeFi popular and accessible to all. Pandora’s partners will get all the support and resources needed for success in the DeFi space.

Learn more about a wide variety of opportunities and exclusive benefits that Pandora offers its partners here: Ready to partner up with us? Click here and fill out the partnership form right away so that we can get down to business together.

150.000 PSR tokens – 5000 winners Limited time – Limited slots – First come, first served

Our 2nd PandoDrop airdrop is still going strong! 

Get in on this lucrative giveaway while it lasts:

Remember, PandoDrop’s winners are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Grab your chance while you still can because the remaining slots are LIMITED.

For any concerns, kindly read through our terms and conditions before contacting Pandora’s support:

Last words…

Pandora hasn’t launched yet, but it has been making great strides towards fulfilling its roadmap. The team behind this Dapp is now working hard on the finishing touches in order for us all to enjoy a friendly and well-designed DEX platform with great functionality. 

While waiting for Pandora to reach its next milestone, let’s look back at all the glorious milestones it has achieved thus far.

Pandora is committed to keeping our community informed. The PandoList will be updated on an ongoing basis so that you all can keep track of Pandora’s plans and progress!

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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***Beware of fake accounts impersonating We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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