Pandora Weekly Highlights | 09/01 – 15/01

Pandora Weekly Hilights
Pandora Weekly Hilights

Last week was the second week of the year, and guess what! After a frightening landslide in November last year following the FTX’s collapse, Bitcoin crossed $21,000.

We hope you are as excited as we are about what the future holds for us, and Pandora is again poised to help you ride the upcoming bull run with your bags full. Here are the exciting highlights from last week.

NFT Staking V3.0 Went Live

We have been talking about the unique experience offered in Pandora’s upgraded NFT Staking, the NFT Staking V3.0. The much-anticipated product officially went live last week. The Common Camp and the Premium Camp are packed with rewards for all users. Be the first to stake your DroidBots and enjoy the high APR while it lasts.

If you are a newbie, learn how to get a DroidBot, level up, and be eligible for the Premium Pool. Also, don’t forget to discover how to navigate the NFT Staking V3.0 interface and delve into our carefully crafted FAQs about NFT Staking V3.0 for more details. 

Comparing NFT Staking Across Platforms

With a plethora of NFT staking options out there, don’t just guess at what’s right for you! Take the time to weigh your choices and make an informed decision that will yield you maximum gains.

Pandora NFT Staking is one exciting yet rewarding experience you don’t want to miss. Explore all the ins and outs of Pandora NFT Staking here.

20,000 PSR Top-Up For NFT Staking V3.0 Premium Staking Pool

Stakers in Premium Pool have access to a groundbreaking dual reward pool – the BUSD Reward Pool and the PSR Reward Pool! We’ve further enhanced that opportunity by topping up the PSR Reward Pool with 20,000 PSR for even more staking rewards on offer.

Keep in mind that the staking APR will drop as there are more DroidBots being staked, so get in early and make the most out of NFT Staking V3.0.

Level Up Twice Faster with Double Buff 

In NFT Staking V3.0, Pandorans must reach level 5 or more to be eligible for the Premium NFT Staking Pool. We know many users are way behind, so we came up with this limited-time opportunity to help you meet this requirement. We are doubling EXPs earned for opening PandoBoxes, upgrading DroidBots, and unlocking staking slots in the Premium Pool from 13 – 20 January. Read the full terms and conditions here.

Earn Up To 5X Rewards From Staking Combos

Did you know that staking DroidBots in bulk could earn you a 400% mining power boost? Put your DroidBots to work now, and if you don’t have the DroidBots needed for a combo, you can get one or more for yourself by opening PandoBoxes, buying DroidBots on PandorMarket, or upgrading DroidBots.

NFT Stakers’ Success Stories

The testimonies are pouring in, so do not be left out. Myriad Pandorans are already earning more with the upgraded NFT Staking. There is no excuse whatsoever or a reason to stay behind. The sooner you stake your DroidBots, the bigger your rewards.

Not eligible for the Premium Pool? With our aforementioned event Double Buff, achieving higher user level in such a short time is a piece of cake. You can open PandoBoxes, buy DroidBots on PandoMarket, or upgrade DroidBots, and receive EXP twice as many as usual!


We remain more committed than ever to building an unparalleled experience for Pandora users through rewarding products and sustainable DeFi opportunities. We encourage you to remain consistent and active on all channels to never miss out on any opportunities. The Pandora team is grateful for how far we have come together, and we are confident that with all hands on deck, we will become the model DEX in the DeFi space. It’s another week filled with opportunities so keep earning and winning with Pandora. 

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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