Pandora Weekly Highlights | 08/08 – 14/08

What a week! The PandoTeam can’t help but recall the finest happenings at Pandora throughout the past week.

Take a fresh breath before diving into the list of all the moments worth remembering within the past 7 days.

Our initiatives toward universal users 

The PandoTalk sessions successfully took place with intimate interactions between the PandoTeam representatives, special guest speakers, and the attendees, aka crypto enthusiasts. Last week, we put in a lot of effort and worked around the clock to successfully host 4 PandoTalks in a row with genuine support from Asia Community Support, TBN Capital, and Blockchain Army. Keep following us for many more intriguing talk shows and exhilarating discussions to come.

Jackpot Trivia League has officially ended

To provide Pandorans with the uttermost satisfying experience, the PandoTeam completely revamped the Jackpot system. Additionally, Pandora successfully launched the Jackpot Trivia League to assist gamers in testing their luck and cunning simultaneously. The “Jackpot Trivia League” was a Quiz-2-Earn contest taking place from 4-14 August and devised in a way that will help participants better explore the renovated Jackpot V2.0.

The final list of winners and the answers to the quiz will be announced on 16 August 2022. Each winner is offered an equal portion of the $500 prize pool. Thank you to everyone who participated so enthusiastically. Pandora will introduce other contests with tempting prizes in the near future.

Shilling Bounty: One more week to go! 

The Shilling Bounty has so far received a lot of engagement and excitement from participants, and you still have time to enter! Let’s light up the freezing crypto space with your love for Pandora. Expose your innate talent for shilling and get a chance to share in an irresistible reward pool of 105 PSR and 5 IDO slots!

  • Fulfill all the tasks required here.
  • Entry period: 29 July – 19 August | 11:00 AM UTC

CoinMarketCap is now listing Pandora as an EXCHANGE

With continuous efforts proven by outstanding achievements, Pandora has officially been listed on CoinMarketCap, which is the most frequently used price-tracking website for crypto assets. This milestone, which was initially planned for Q4/2022 in our roadmap, was accomplished way ahead of schedule.

Pandora x Moverse: Massive Airdrop is on the way

At Pandora, money-making opportunities and victories always beckon for those who dare to take their chances. Participating in this Pandora x Moverse Massive Airdrop, which is set to end on 26 August, you will have a chance to win a share of 10,000,000 $MOVE and 1,000 $PSR.

Last words

The PandoTeam takes pride in offering you a wide range of DeFi experiences and activities that are both lucrative and fun-filled. In addition, we continuously strengthen Pandora’s position in the market so as to prove once again why choosing Pandora is a sensible decision for everyone seeking financial freedom and success.

A new week is upon us and we know you’re as excited about it as we are, so we want to give it a boost with some fun and exciting activities from our end. Let’s get started off on the right foot by checking out what is available on our PandoTalk Calendar for this week:

Together, we will expand the bounds of finance!

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***Beware of fake accounts impersonating We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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