Pandora Weekly Highlights | 7/11 – 13/11


Yet another exciting week packed with rewards and events for Pandorans has ended. Here are a few highlights of the milestones from the past week that we are proud of.

Pandora Weekly Highlights | 7/11 – 13/11

$709K in DroidBot Staking Rewards Distributed To Date

Heard about income-generating DroidBots from Pandora? They can be obtained through crafting and opening PandoBoxes. Each DroidBot has a randomly generated level and is assigned specific mine power, which determines the staking rewards the DroidBot can earn. You can upgrade your DroidBots or trade them on PandoMarket to earn more EXP and rewards.

$709k in DroidBot Staking Rewards Distributed To Date

The amount of crypto rewards that investors have earned from staking their DroidBots on Pandora is staggering. So far, the users who bought into this revolutionary new form of NFT have walked away packing a collective $709K+!

Stake your DroidBots to earn instant BUSD rewards NOW.

Burning Over 34 Million in PSR and PAN to Build A Stable Economy

The PandoTeam is taking every necessary measure to provide long-term and sustainable value for the community. To date, we have burned 136,589 PSR, and 34,417,791 PAN. Help us build a stable economy for everyone by upgrading your DroidBots, crafting PandoBoxes, and unlocking staking slots

Survive and Thrive in the Bear Market with Pandora NFT Securities 

The Pandora NFT Securities offer a novel way for investors to make money during these rough market conditions. We think it would be in your best interest if we give an unbiased explanation of what exactly you can get from investing in this revolutionary type of decentralized investment. Read our article on the 9 reasons why NFT Securities are an ideal investment in a bear market.

Introduction to the First-Ever Decentralized Securities Ecosystem

Pandora NFT Security is designed for everyone needing a reliable investment with steady returns. It is backed by trusted institutional players in traditional and digital finance. Learn more about NFT Securities in our short video!

Become the Ultimate Champions of Pandora Legend User Contest

 Legend User’s Round 2 Prizes Distributed

The Legend User contest is now in its last round, and the winners of Round 2 have been awarded $7,250. We thank everyone for the support we have received so far in this contest and encourage all Pandorans to keep fighting for their chance to become the 10 ultimate champions of the contest.

Legend User’s Round 3 is at Full Blast

There are 10 grand prizes worth $8,500 in the final round, and we are happy to distribute them to the top 10 users with the highest EXP. Read the Legend User’s terms and conditions to learn more. 

Wombat Exchange Gets Integrated into Pandora Swap


Adding Wombat to Pandora Swap enables Pandora to tap into deeper liquidity and offer our traders the best swap rates available, which is part of Pandora’s mission and promise.

17 Lotto Players Won Several Jackpots Worth Approx. $7759.95 

Meet the lucky 17 lotto players on who took home over $7,700 in jackpot prizes during rounds 2601-2800. We have released the winner list here.

Jackpot Winners Report – 2601 – 2800

Keep chasing your jackpot dreams by doing the following:


We can’t express our gratitude enough and can’t wait to see all Pandorans winning sweet rewards from us. We have only achieved all these because you have been there for us, and we remain committed to doing more for you all. Hold tight for the next streak of rewarding events we have for you this new week. Remember that several official community channels are the best and only place to stay updated on everything happening at Pandora.

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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