Pandora Weekly Highlights | 06/06 – 12/06

Hey Pandorans,

It’s been a productive week at Pandora with so many amazing updates and accomplishments.

As we close out this triumphant week, let’s take some time to look back at all that has transpired at Pandora throughout the past 7 days.

Global marketing effort

Pandora’s outreach effort was at full speed as it continued reaching out to many different DeFi communities across the crypto world throughout the week.

Within this week alone, 7 engaging and informative PandoTalk sessions were co-hosted by our partnered communities. By engaging with various crypto communities across the blockchain universe, we have been able to create a more welcoming and diverse Pandora community while also providing crypto enthusiasts worldwide with valuable insight on decentralized finance that will hopefully help them achieve financial success.

Don’t miss next week’s PandoTalks to learn more about the potential of Pandora and what it has to offer.

Pandora’s local communities on Discord

In addition to serving as a support hub for Pandora’s users, Pandora’s Discord channel is also home to numerous local groups that enable our community members to find their tribes and engage in passionate discussions in their languages.

We cherish strong crypto connections that are based on the same interests and shared values, and we hope that Pandora’s local communities can significantly boost your sense of crypto belonging. Remember, we’re Pandora family. We’re decentralized yet unified!

Fruitful partnership with Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle is one of the rising stars in the GameFi cosmic. We are honored to form a productive partnership with Elpis Battle.

This week, Pandora and Elpis Battle co-launched a farm and a trade mining pair on Users of both projects and beyond can now take advantage of these two limited-time offers to earn robust PAN rewards.

  • Stake MEG – BUSD LPs, Earn PAN (10X Multiplier)
  • Swap MEG – BUSD, Earn PAN (10X Multiplier)

There’s still time to make capital out of these new farm and trade mining and get a nice crop before they get too crowded.

Pandora and Elpis Battle are currently working together on a mutual marketing scheme that promises to bring about new opportunities for the members of both projects in the near future.

This strategic collaboration also vividly highlights Pandora’s enthusiasm for supporting blockchain gamining projects. More vigorous alliances are to be revealed in due course, so stay tuned!

A sneak peak into Pandora’s NFT collection

The never-ending list of features and products from Pandora ensures that there is something for everyone. Its extensive collection of innovative products and features is constantly evolving, with new ones coming out over time.

Most recently, Pandora has amazed its users by releasing a little sneak peek into its profile picture (PFP) NFT collections. Those algorithmically generated avatars come in three categories of characters: PandoBear, PandoRacoon and PandoCat with random combinations of hundreds of traits. Stay tuned on our social channels for more pieces of information about these unique NFT collections.

Important PandoMarket updates

PandoMarket has adopted a new currency for payment – PAN. Pandora’s users can now trade your NFTs in PAN on PandoMarket.

Moreover, a new feature “History” was also added to PandoMarket in favor of all Pandora’s users. You can now go to PandoMarket/Manage Sales/History to keep track of all your transactions conducted on the Marketplace.

Keep up with Pandora’s development progress

Pandora’s C-level executive Bryan has recently shared with the PandoComunity an illuminating update on Pandora’s plans for development.

In his latest message published this week, he gave a range of slight insights into what Pandora’s supporters can expect from this DEX in the upcoming months, from UI/UX improvement and product development to thrilling community events and novel integrations.

Pandora’s homepage to get a new look soon

From the hands of Pandora’s talented artists, the idea of a glamourous PandoCity will soon be manifested on Pandora. PandoCity will come with seasonal themes in a fully animated 3D fashion to create an immesive experience for users who visit in the upcoming weeks.

Mining Rush contest ended with staggering results

Mining Rush was initiated as an open and transparent playground for all Pandora’s users. The competition was intense as many traders aspired to rise to the top. The event was a resounding success as its final statistics spoke for itself. The top 20 PandoMiners were recognized and rewarded with 10,000 PSR for their immense efforts.

Final words…

The PandoTeam has been trying its best to make Pandora the ultimate DEX for all your financial needs. The DEX is still in the early stage of its development, and many trials are awaiting it ahead. However, with your support, we can overcome those challenges and make Pandora better together!

Stay tuned. Stay unified. All Pandorans fighting.

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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