Pandora Weekly Highlights | 06/02 – 12/02

We spent a better part of last week working on some new products, which will be live soon. Crypto also took one more blow in the usual SEC regulatory drama, which led to huge fines paid and important developments halted. Nevertheless, a lot more happened at Pandora last week, and we have put these highlights together to inform you in detail. 

Reviewing The Pandora Reward System

Unlike other DEXs, Pandora is built to reward users, which is why the platform developed an elaborate user-level system with 20 levels for users to advance through by earning EXP.  Farmers who stake DroidBots are considered co-owners of the protocol. They earn staking rewards, get chances to win jackpot prizes, and will have voting rights on platform decisions in the future. NFT Security holders earn a fixed interest of up to 11.5% APR alongside staking rewards. Traders can earn on Pandora through compound interest on hash-rate eligible pairs, while NFT traders can profit from NFT sales and staking of purchased NFTs. We published a detailed infographic showing it all last week.

Pandora is Highlighted amongst the Most Used DApps

Yippee! We were named one of the most-used DApps in the DeFi category by the popular cryptocurrency news aggregator, CryptoRank. Good press is one of the rewards we get for delivering the best for Pandorans, and Pandora remains bent on securing the financial future of all DeFi users.

The DroidBot Evolution Unravelled

We took a trip down memory lane for DroidBots last week. DroidBots are Pandora’s NFTs, and their evolution since the launch has been intriguing. Initially, users could purchase DroidBots with BUSD or PSR, and they could only upgrade 1 DroidBot at a time. By the second quarter of 2022, users could buy DroidBots using PAN. DroidBot upgrade V2.0 went live later, and there were other updates until the current NFT staking V3.0.


It is yet another week, and we hope you are trading, staking, and investing on your favorite DEX – Pandora. Without a doubt, the Pandora Team is working hard to make your DeFi experience better daily. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure you all succeed and share your DeFi success stories with everyone in the community. However, we understand that achieving this will be no small feat; hence we are focused on outdoing ourselves until everyone reaches the very peak. We thank you all who have been here and those just joining the train—wish you all a great week ahead. 

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