Pandora Weekly Highlights | 05/09 – 11/09

One more exciting week has come and gone! We are so grateful for your support for Pandora.

Here is a rundown of the amazing activities over the last 7 days on

Major Updates to Jackpot V2.0

A series of enhancements to Jackpot V2.0 has been made available to the Pandora community, including an improved History interface, push notifications of the latest purchase, a new limit for purchasing lotto tickets, and more.

Find out about all the specific changes here.

Over $500K BUSD in DroidBot Staking Rewards were distributed

One noteworthy thing in the last few days is that Pandora’s NFT stakers claimed $526.43K+ BUSD in staking rewards. The PandoTeam never stops working hard to enhance our product so that investors can earn the most. Positive updates from us are coming soon, so stay tuned!

2nd Trade League is coming to an end!

The timebomb is about to explode, and if no one wins the Mega prize before it does, the top 50 of the 2nd Trade League will split the Mega Jackpot.

Earn passive PAN income & Possibly share the huge jackpot by trading on Pandora:

In the meantime, keep trying your luck & win big with Pandora. Efforts during this period will bring unexpected breakthroughs for you in the future: 

🔗Open PandoBoxes & earn free jackpot tickets:

🔗Upgrade DroidBots & gain jackpot tickets at no cost:

🔗Purchase tickets (only $1 each) for greater odds of victory:

Jackpot Winners Report – Round 1001 – 1300

13 lucky people have been named with a total prize of up to $21,135.65 (7362.21 PSR, 66318.99 PAN, 7228.28 BUSD).

You still get access to a ton of lucky draws for more worthwhile prizes. Let’s give it a shot!

Exploit the Benefits of Pandora’s Swap V2.0

Two weeks have passed since we launched Pandora Swap V2.0, our most recent and most advanced Swap version ever.

With this renovated version, you can trade any tokens at the best swap rates possible (lowest price impact and highest token output). If we don’t have the liquidity on to facilitate your trade, we’ll find the best route with the highest token output for you. Not only that, you can gain up to 42.869% APR on qualifying trades.

Last word

The PandoTeam has been hard at work on a number of exciting new features and events that will be available to users in the coming weeks. All important news will be announced via our official media channels. Stay tuned!

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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