Pandora Weekly Highlights | 02/01 – 08/01

Last year ended in a grand style, and 2023 is starting on an equally remarkable note. Hold tight, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the highlights of the first week of the year we have all been anticipating. 

Jackpot Winners Report For Rounds 3401  –  4000

Drumrolls! Roll out the red carpet for 10 lucky players who have taken home $2316.23 in lotto prizes. Check out our esteemed winners here, keeping in mind that you too can win the next lottery. Simply give yourself the chance to win by crafting PandoBoxes & getting free lotto tickets, upgrading DroidBots & receiving free lotto tickets, or purchasing the tickets for just $1.

Knowledge Corner: Order Splitting

Soon, Pandora will launch a solution called “split order,” which will divide trading orders into smaller sub-trades and then route them across different BNB Chain exchanges to achieve the best prices possible. For traders who have been manually juggling multiple exchanges in search of the best execution prices, order-splitting technology on decentralized platforms offers a time-saving solution. This article explores how order splitting works and simplifies the often complicated process for users: Go to article.

New Year Message From Pandora CEO

In light of the recent Christmas and New Year celebrations, when we look forward to a year full of promise in 2023, our CEO, Mika Germani, took time to reflect on 2022 and shared his thoughts on a fantastic year that awaits every Pandoran ahead. Read the full message below:

NFT Staking V3.0 is Approaching

You asked for something better, and we did it! Now let’s find out what lies in store with the 3rd version of NFT Staking here.


Pandora keeps on advancing despite the hurdles of the crypto winter. We are building more formidable products to help every Pandoran emerge unscathed during this tough bear market.

Thank you all for your support of our project. Don’t forget to keep participating in the community and be on the lookout for the best opportunities available to you on our platform.

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