Pandora Weekly Highlights | 12/12 – 18/12

Pandora Weekly Hilight December 12 - 18

It’s Yuletide, and last week wasn’t short of the usual excitement that fills our hearts when we do more for the Pandora community.

It was mostly about events, and as you know, the more you use Pandora this season, the bigger the rewards you will earn. Hold tight as you read through last week’s highlights to see what others enjoy on their favorite BNB Chain DEX.

Pandora Weekly Highlights December 12 -18

Keep in mind that there are no mysteries to unravel or wands to throw to become eligible for all the huge rewards the team is working to bring to Pandorans. We remain confident in our products and proud of the number of users positively affected by what we do. Hurry now! Use Pandora and stay on Pandora to maximize your opportunities. Now, back to business.

9 Thrilling Events with $12,800 in Prizes

Last week, we prepared for you a Pre-Xmas party, packed with lots of rewards.

Santa Cashback Galore – $9,000 (ends on 4 Jan 2023)

Join the Santa Cashback Galore which offers up to $9,000 in cashback for first-time buyers of the highly sought-after Pandora NFT Securities.

Untold BearTales – $1,300 (ends on 29 Dec 2022)

Earlier this month, we asked Pandorans to share their heart-wrenching experiences during crypto bear markets and rewarded those who shared the most liked posts with 20 prizes.

While a lot of people sobbed while narrating their ordeals, the belief that every dark cloud has a silver lining made us excited about it all.

Review to Earn – $600 (ends on 4 Jan 2023)

We have set aside $600 for 12 winners who have purchased Pandora NFT Securities and can take their time to share the wonder with the world. The best testimonials will be selected and rewarded by us until 4 Jan 2023.

PandoQuiz – $500 (ended on 15 Dec 2022)

We had a successful contest called PandoQuiz on Discord. The prize pool for this contest was $500, and anyone may enter.

Learn to Earn – $500 (ended on 18 Dec 2022)

We know you have seen learn-to-earn contests in crypto, but the Pandora Learn-to-Earn contest was uniquely designed to test and reward genuine knowledge. Review now!

Flash Giveaway – $300 (ended on 14 Dec 2022)

We did a lightning-quick giveaway where users who have minted at least 1 Pandora NFT Security. Just by submitting their mint transactions here, all NFT Security investors got an even chance to enter this raffle and share $300.

Quest to Earn – $200 (ended on 14 Dec 2022)

A couple of important tasks lined up for Pandorans willing to take their time to complete them in the Quest to Earn contest. Prizes totaling $200 were distributed among the participants.

World Cup League – $200 (ended on 18 Dec 2022)

The World Cup League was our idea to bring all Pandorans closer to the game while offering prizes worth up to $200. You can sneak a peek at the event for highlights of the complete fun here.

Active to Earn – $200 (weekly)

It is about getting more out of Pandora and ensuring that all Pandorans can see and track their growth. Active to Earn is, therefore, important to us, and it is a weekly program where the winners can receive up to $200 weekly.

Pandora Securities Issued in Batch #2 Started Paying Interest

NFT Securities issued in Batch #2 started paying out interest last week. There were also a series of giveaways for early investors in Pandora’s first-of-its-kind product. Pandora NFT Securities offer multiple returns through a fixed interest rate and a high yield staking APR of up to 130%.

Introducing Pandora Swap’s Split Orders

With deep thoughts for our dear users, we released the cutting-edge algorithm for trade optimization on The life-saving algorithm for DeFi users checks multiple exchanges/liquidity sources to find the best price for a given trade while simultaneously reducing gas costs. With split orders, Pandora users can worry less about slippage as they swap their assets at the best rates.

Pandorans’ Success Stories

The facts don’t lie. More and more Pandorans are becoming successful in their crypto journey.

Here are verifiable links to give you live insights on the folks who have been killing it since they started using Pandora. 24 Nov proof; 30 Nov – 3 Dec proof; 11 Dec proof; 16 Dec proof.

We believe you can do it too, and we are rooting for you: Craft, open PandoBoxes & get free lotto tickets, Upgrade DroidBots & gain free lotto tickets, Purchase lotto tickets for $1 each, and Join our pre-CryptMas party & grab rewards.


The year is coming to an end, and we want to admit again that we couldn’t have done this much without you. We are also excited about the growth of Pandorans since they started using the platform and would like to see everyone succeed. The success of everyone is our ultimate commitment, and we are building all that it takes to make this a reality.

Aside from our list of excellent products helping users stay ahead of market conditions, the Pandora team has a lot in store for the future we are building together. Stick around to stay up to date on the mind-blowing products we will have for you in the coming days. 

Pandora – your best DeFi friend!

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