Pandora – Reinventing DeFi through Innovative & Profitable Financial Solutions

Aiming to build a community-driven and sustainable DeFi ecosystem, Pandora is always on the lookout for improvements and transformation. As one of the most innovative and profitable DEXs, Pandora abides by its commitment to innovation and profitability with each improvement made towards deepening its Dapp’s functionality.

Unparalleled DeFi Products 

Despite the bear market, Pandora constantly launches novel DeFi products, combining traditional ideas with fresh concepts to provide improved value for investors. This is done by staying focused on creating a diverse variety of approaches that users can leverage to meet their financial objectives, no matter how the market is performing.

Fixed-Yield NFT Securities 

Under the auspices of NVC Group, Pandora DEX is the first in the decentralized financial space to issue flexible-term, stable-yield securities using blockchain technology. 

Pandora NFT Securities offer several key advantages that make them an attractive investment, from instant interest payment and principal protection to portfolio diversification, to name a few.

The issuance of NFT Securities allows investors to park their funds in a safe and secure asset while earning competitive and predictable returns. NFT Securities provides a powerful financial solution, fusing the stability and predictability of traditional bonds with cutting-edge blockchain technology. Investors can rely on this new type of asset to protect their investments and guard against price volatility and inflationary pressure.

Income-Generating DroidBots

Another NFT product that Pandora has been developing and improving over time is DroidBot. In a nutshell, DroidBots are NFTs that can be utilized in various ways to generate a profit. Each DroidBot is equipped with its own mining power, decided at random upon its inception but relative to its level. The higher a DroidBot’s level and mining, the greater staking rewards are given to its holder.

DroidBots are integral to the Pandora ecosystem, providing users with a wide range of benefits. Most notably, DroidBot owners can stake their holdings to earn dual rewards in BUSD and PSR (Pandora’s native token). As DroidBot’s capabilities are further advanced, users will have access to a continuously expanding range of utility options.

Trade Mining 

Offering users more chances to earn, Pandora’s Trade Mining allows them to mine PAN rewards just by executing trades on To take it to the next level, users can even get hashrate and PAN rewards for trades on a different DEX as long as they involve at least one reward-eligible token. There is also compound interest on unclaimed rewards to grow the incentives more significantly. 

User Level System

User level is the first action-based reward system that ranks all Pandora’s users according to their participation in the protocol. Users can unlock exclusive benefits depending on their level of engagement. Pandora uses EXP (experience points) as the grading unit to measure how actively users engage with the platform. The more EXP they accumulate, the higher their user level will be. And the higher the user level, the more benefits they are entitled to.

Pandora maximizes your financial success

Pandora unlocks DeFi potential for users, equipping them with the tools to earn in any market conditions. Its cutting-edge innovations and user-centered initiatives take digital finance to the next level for peak financial success.

Split Order

Pandora is embracing the latest technology to enhance its trading operations, aiming for more efficient outcomes with order splitting. Through this algorithm, it’s expecting a significant reduction in slippage and improved trading outputs overall. Order splitting allows traders to break up larger orders into smaller sub-orders, which can be filled across multiple markets (trading platforms) at different prices, allowing them to take advantage of the best price available for each part. Pandora creates the ultimate trading experience for traders, combining order splitting with trade mining to ensure optimal prices and offer PAN rewards on eligible trades.

Rewarding Community Programs

Within eight months of operations, Pandora has demonstrated its commitment to rewarding its dedicated community with more than 20 events and $300K+ in rewards given out to date – the possibilities are abundant! Join Pandora’s official channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter) today to receive announcements about upcoming opportunities and be rewarded for your dedication with prizes tailored just for you. 

And Other Abundant Earning Opportunities

Jackpot: Users will have a chance to win up to $60K in jackpot prizes just by breaking open a PandoBox, upgrading a DroidBot, or purchasing lotto tickets for only $1 each. There is one draw every hour.

Yield farming: Pandora gives you plenty of opportunities to potentially reap stable rewards by supplying liquidity – an easy yet clever way to give yourself additional income streams from your crypto assets.  Pandora has an array of profitable farming options up its sleeve, from stablecoin farming to meme-coin farming and more, there is something for everyone at this one-stop decentralized shop.

Staking pools: This is a simple way to earn crypto rewards while holding onto your favorite crypto. Unlock the wealth of your spare tokens by staking them in various reward-yielding staking pools available on Pandora Dapp and enjoying steady income along the way.


As part of its mission to create a vibrant, futuristic, and sustainable DeFi ecosystem driven by the community, Pandora is able to create a wide range of products and features that its users can benefit from. With an ambitious roadmap for 2023 and beyond – the community can look forward to plenty of cutting-edge products & exciting features that open up new possibilities for everyone! 

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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