Pandora Monthly Roundup | May 2022

May was a wonderful month for the Pandora team, with many milestones accomplished and progress made. We’re excited to share our greatest bits with our loyal Pandorans!

26 informative PandoTalks

During the month of May, we managed to organize a series of global PandoTalks with various crypto communities around the world. Our ongoing universal PandoTalk series has been highly successful in exposing Pandora across the crypto world. This is also a perfect opportunity for crypto traders looking to brush up on their DeFi comprehension with many prizes up for grabs.

2nd PandoDrop airdrop

For those who were eager to get your hands on our multifunctional governance token PSR but were not lucky enough during our previous giveaways, we gave away another batch of free PSR tokens from 4 May 2022 until 16 May 2022.

Our 2nd PandoDrop ended with a total of 2,345 winners and 37,134 unique wallets connected.

Pandora‘s Grand Debut on 19 May 2022

Pandora officially launched on 19 May 2022. Within the first 24H, Pandora already reached $950K in Total Value Locked. We couldn’t be more grateful for this. Thank YOU so much for making this happen with us, Pandorans!

Discover the futuristic world of finance here.

100% Reward Boost on NFT Staking Pool

On 27 May 2022, the PandoTeam topped up the Pandora NFT Staking Reward Pool with 100K more $BUSD. As a result, this reward pool turned DOUBLED in value shortly afterwards. This enabled our NFT stakers to earn 2X daily rewards in BUSD for staking their DroidBots.

PandoRace – 10,000 PSR in prizes

The most exhilarating community activity of Pandora took place during the final week of May. From 26-31 May, all Pandorans were able to participate in our PandoRace just by upgrading their DroidBots.

Under the framework of this competition, users scored a certain number of points each time they upgraded a DroidBot. The top 20 PandoRacers with the highest points were rewarded with a total of 10,000 PSR.

New Listings

Track PSR Performance & Progress on CoinMarketCap

See for yourself:

Keep up with Pandora’s Growth & Progress on DefiLlama

Pandora DEX is also trackable on DefiLlama:

More crypto exchanges, portfolio trackers, and data aggregators with Pandora’s presence to be announced soon. Stay with Pandora. Prosper with Pandora. 

New Strategic Partnerships

Pandora x SupraOracles

Pandora & SupraOracles are going to work on many aspects together:

  • Creating mutual opportunities 
  • Co-implementing new PR & marketing initiatives
  • Cross-promotion
  • Community expansion 

Read the detailed article about our partnership below:

Pandora x Orbitau

Pandora & Orbitau have partnered up to bring more investment opportunities to our community members. Currently, Staking Pools, Farm & Trade Mining are open for $TAUM (the native token of Orbitau) on Pandora.

Stake $TAUM & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (20X).

Swap $TAUM – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (25X).

Stake $TAUM, Earn $PAN (5X).

Stake $PSR, Earn $TAUM.

This vivid partnership enables TAUM holders to significantly enlarge their crypto earnings.

9 New Farms Added

At Pandora, we always do our best to provide our users with diverse earning opportunities. In May, our PandoFarms were significantly enlarged with 9 new farming pairs added:

  • Stake $MBOX & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).
  • Stake $TAUM & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (20X).
  • Stake $GMT & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).
  • Stake $TRX & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).
  • Stake $BNB & $USDT LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).
  • Stake $USDD & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).
  • Stake $TUSD & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).
  • Stake $USDC & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).
  • Stake $GST & $BUSD LPs – Earn $PAN (10X).

Pandora will keep on expanding its farming offers to provide its users with more investment opportunities.

6 New Trade Mining Pairs

The trade mining pairs below were also amongst the latest additions to Pandora.

  • Swap $TRX – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X).
  • Swap $USDD – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X).
  • Swap $TUSD – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X).
  • Swap $USDC – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X).
  • Swap $USDT – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 20X).
  • Swap $TAUM – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 25X).

Pandora hit new high – TOP 4 Largest TVL Gainer on the BNB Chain in 24H

Pandora is unstoppable! It keeps reaching new heights with each passing day. Check out what BSC News has to say about us below:

The potential of Pandora is enormous and yet to be fully discovered. Your belief and support make everything possible, Pandorans!

PandoStickers V2.0 on Telegram

Exchanging the adorable animated PandoStickers V2.0 with your crypto friends is a fun and cute way to show off your support for Pandora.

Let’s download the “Little Pandies V.02” sticker pack on Telegram and start spreading optimism and positive PandoEnergy across the crypto universe:

Before you go…

Don’t forget to check out our fresh PandoEvent Calendar and get ready to join our upcoming events!

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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