Pandora Monthly Roundup | November 2022

November was more than just the penultimate month for us. We recorded so much growth alongside many successful events and programs. From huge rewards to rare NFTs and exciting new product launches, we couldn’t help but be excited about the whole experience.

Pandora Monthly Roundup – November 2022

Here are some of the highlights from November we think are worth sharing with our dearest community. 

Grand Product Releases

Partnering with NVC Group, we launched Pandora NFT Securities, the first decentralized, fixed-income investment vehicle.

Pandora NFT Securities

The launch of NFT Securities came with a special Incentive Staking Pool with 25,000 PSR up for grabs from 23 November 2022 until 22 January 2023. Early adopters of NFT Securities can join this staking pool on

Two Benefits Unlocked for Active Pandorans

All users ranked in the Pandora User-Level System can now enjoy extra NFT staking rewards and reduced fees when unlocking extra NFT staking slots.

Two New Benefits Unlocked for Active Pandorans

Available benefits can be viewed on We encourage everyone to keep using Pandora, as your participation determines the rewards you qualify for in the system.

$709K+ NFT Staking Rewards Distributed

So far, DroidBot stakers on have earned over $709K in BUSD rewards. Check the proof here.

$709K+ NFT Staking Rewards Distributed

DroidBots are an innovative type of NFT originating from Pandora, with each having a randomly generated level ranging from 1-9, which determines the DroidBot’s mine power and the staking rewards it accrues. A higher-level DroidBot comes with increased mining power and more staking rewards. If not staking DroidBots, users can give them an upgrade or trade them on PandoMarket.

Over 36M PAN & PSR Burned To Date 

Pandora’s well-thought-out burn mechanism is aimed at protecting PAN & PSR tokens’ value and stability in the long run.

Our on-chain data show that 144,059 PSR and 35,484,263 PAN have been burned to date, that’s nearly 36 million PSR and PAN tokens in total. We need your help with accelerating this burning practice. So keep the wheel spinning by upgrading DroidBots, crafting PandoBoxes, and unlocking staking slots

New Liquidity Source Added: Wombat Exchange 

With the integration of Wombat into Pandora Swap in November, we can tap into deeper liquidity and offer even better prices for your trades. The integration was a huge stride for Pandora, marking a milestone every team member is super excited about. 

New Liquidity Source Added: Wombat Exchange

Community Events

November was a month filled with exciting community events. The much-anticipated Legend User contest saw winners with high EXP go home with $25,000 in prizes, distributed right into their wallets after the completion of each round.

Legend User

Similarly, the Pandora Epic Quest was a huge success, with 100 lucky winners randomly chosen from over 5,000 qualified participants. The official winning list has been released for your perusal.

Pandora Epic Quest

Pandora Securities Genesis Trial has come to a conclusion, and all the lucky winners are now able to claim their well-deserved rewards – limited-edition NFTs “Bear Fighter” – for helping us test out this pioneering offering.

Limited-Edition NFTs Bear Fighter

Current Max Daily PandoBox Supply: 423 Boxes/Day

We reached the 6th periodic reduction in daily PandoBox supply on 19 November 2022. From this date onwards, only 423 PandoBoxes can be created daily by Pandorans, this is a 10% cut since the previous reduction event. The next reduction will take place on 19 December 2022.

6th Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

Boost your earning potential by unlocking the power of PandoBoxes today. With each box opened, you’ll receive a randomly generated DroidBot, which can be staked to earn stable passive income, and several lotto tickets than may make you rich in no time at all.

Final Words

November was a month so dear to us. All the members of our community made the month such a huge success, and together, we can do better in December.

Hold tight and stay in the community as we have more exciting plans for the future, and we hope that you all will continue to support us. We have some super rewarding offers underway, and we can’t wait to share that with you all.

Thank you again for always being there, and we believe you don’t want to miss out on anything in this most wonderful month of the year. 

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