Pandora Monthly Roundup | March 2022

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March has been a remarkable month with a lot of accomplishments and growth for the Pandora team. We’re pleased to share our favorite highlights with our beloved Pandorans!

31 illuminating AMAs and Q&As – during the month of March, we managed to organize to a series of global AMAs and Q&As with various crypto communities around the world. Our ongoing global AMA and Q&A series have been highly successful in exposing Pandora across the crypto world. This is also a perfect opportunity for crypto traders looking to brush up on their DeFi comprehension with many prizes up for grabs.

PSR Community Airdrop – taking place from 4 March 2022 until 25 March 2022, the first $PSR airdrop has been an overwhelming success! Thousands of participants and tons more attention have been coming our way since the launch of the Community Airdrop. We would love to express our gratitude for everyone’s support in making this happen. Please keep an eye on our social media channels for more exciting news coming your way soon!

450K+ members on social media – a big thank you to everyone who has helped grow Pandora’s network across all channels. All of this wouldn’t be possible without your continued support, Pandorans! We hope you’ll continue to share the love for DeFi & crypto positivity with us.

70K+ members on Twitter – another milestone achieved for Pandora community’s rapid growth. We have been blown away by how quickly our community spreads on Twitter with 70.000+ members. We are eternally grateful for all the love and support as our community grows stronger together with many more opportunities ahead that will be worth the wait.

The Second Official Telegram Group – Pandora community is expanding fast as we hit almost 200.000 members in our first Telegram group. Therefore, we have decided to create the second Telegram group to ensure that there is enough place for everyone in this welcoming space. All newcomers are welcome to join our second Telegram group where we’ll be sure to answer all of your questions and provide you with the latest news and updates on the project.

Pandora’s Instagram channel – we are delighted to announce that Pandora is now officially on Instagram! We’re thrilled to get our project out onto Instagram so we can be more connected to crypto enthusiasts across the digital world. Come on over and follow our Instagram now to keep you up-to-date with the latest stories from the Pandora team!

53K+ applications received for Beta Testing Registration – we have been overwhelmed by the number of applicants for the Beta Test Registration taking place from 16 March 2022 until 18 March 2022. It’s great to know that there are many Pandorans out there eager to play an impactful role during the development process of our project. Also, with the released shortlist for Pandora Beta Test, the first 400 people who properly complete the testing process will share a prize pool of 2000 PSR together!

Pandora in The Media Pandora has been featured in some significant crypto publications and global crypto YouTube channels this month for capitalizing on AMM, multitasking NFTs, and GameFi being the way forward towards mass adoption of DeFi.  Click on the links below for articles/ videos from reputable publications and social media influencers showcasing Pandora’s capabilities and plans for future growth:

Until next time…

In the coming weeks, Pandorans can expect to hear from us regarding a variety of exciting updates as we have a lot of great initiatives on the way. The second massive PSR airdrop, PSR public sale (IDO), and of course, the official launch of the Pandora protocol are just around the corner. Follow our social channels to stay current with the latest progress at Pandora!

The future of finance is all about DeFi. Join the revolution today!

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