Pandora Monthly Roundup | June 2022

June was a whirlwind of activities and achievements for Pandora!

Below is a brief summary of some major strides Pandora made in the last month. Let’s dig in now!

25 insightful PandoTalks

In order to build up a vibrant community, within the last month, we co-held a whopping 25 AMA sessions together with different crypto projects and communities around the world. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our valued partners for hosting and helping us deliver plenty of interactive and informative discussions every single week.

Thanks to these engaging sessions, our community has gradually evolved into home to DeFi lovers from across the globe. We will continue to surprise you with more interesting sessions in which you can broaden your knowledge about the decentralized finance world and catch up with its latest movements. Stay tuned!

$PSR listed on and CoinGecko

The listing of PSR on these reputable crypto analytics platforms is a huge step towards making our project more visible and accessible to everyone. Pandorans can now instantly catch up with the latest changes in terms of $PSR’s price, volume, and market capitalization while crypto enthusiasts from all corners of the world can effortlessly get to know more about Pandora via these platforms.

5 New Farms

Connecting users to diverse high-return investments is Pandora’s top priority. In just a month, 5 new farms were added onto the already diverse list of PandoFarms.

  • Stake DOGE-BUSD LPs, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Stake SHIB-BUSD LPs, Earn PAN (10X)
  • Stake $BTT – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Stake $USDT – $USDC, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Stake $TRX – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)

4 New Trade Mining Pairs

Diversify your investment portfolio with a range of new trade mining pairs added to last month.

  • Swap DOGE-BUSD, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap SHIB-BUSD, Earn PAN (10X)
  • Swap $TRX – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $USDT – $USDC, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)

1 New Staking Pool

This recent offer on is sure to bring you another chance to enlarge your earnings.

  • Stake remunerative $PAN – Earn prosperous $PAN (Multiplier 50X)

Product Development

We are constantly working on improving and adding new features to our platform. Building a robust and user-centered platform that allows us to bring genuine values to our supportive community is our ultimate goal.

In June, the team was able to implement a few minor UI/UX improvements (homepage & swap interface) that allow our users more efficiency when they engage with the exchange. Our dev team also made a major smart contract upgrade to the PandoMarket in order to increase its efficiency and cut down on potential bugs.

PandoEvents – the latest feature of Pandora – gives our users an easy way to stay updated on all happenings at Pandora and is now the go-to place for event planning.

A whopping 30.000 PSR given out as contest prizes

June was such a month full of fun and big rewards for all of Pandorans with 3 consecutive contests taking place one after another. The first, PandoRace – a race to see who can collect the most points while upgrading their DroidBots.

Second was Mining Rush where players were tasked at scoring points by trading on Pandora.

Finally, there’s Rise Of Pandorans, under which the ones who most actively referred their friends to Pandora won. These were great opportunities for all users to have fun and boost their PSR assets to the next level.

Partnership expansion

The month of June was an exciting time for our project as we made some important moves on the partnership front. We managed to team up with some notable names in the DeFi space. Alpaca Finance and Elpis Battle were just two of many entities that partnered with us over this last month.

We have come together to create a more inviting investment environment for our community members. New investment opportunities have abounded with our joint venture.

Investors can boost their crypto earnings by leveraging the following offers brought forth by Pandora & Elpis Battle:

  • Stake $MEG – $BUSD LPs, Earn $PAN (10X Multiplier)
  • Swap $MEG – $BUSD, Earn $PAN (10X Multiplier)

Pandora and Alpaca Finance have recently announced the launch of a new staking pool, with 23.300 PSR in total rewards. It’s an attractive option for investors who want to take advantage while exploring all that this partnership has to offer.

Stake $ALPACA & earn more $PSR (offer active until 25 August).

Final thoughts

When looking at all the impressive numbers and milestones that we have achieved so far, we feel so grateful for all Pandorans’ support and love.

We’ve accomplished so much in our short time together. It might seem rough right now in this bearish market, but there will be more opportunities waiting just around the corner. After all this growth come some setbacks sometimes. Stick with us and watch the project that you helped build from scratch grow into something really special.

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