Pandora Monthly Roundup | July 2022

July was an eventful month for Pandora with many contests, new features, and achivements galore. We’re thrilled to share our favorite moments with our adrorable Pandorans!

24 massive AMAs and Q&As

Through these past talks, we had a blast answering many of your pressing questions about Pandora and the fast-paced DeFi industry.

Pandora reached 100K+ followers on Twitter

This number goes beyond simple statistics because it manifests a vibrant and energetic community surrounding Pandora. We are very grateful to everyone who has believed in and supported Pandora from the very beginning. The team will continue working hard on new ideas to make our users’ DeFi experience more enjoyable and profitable.

6 New Farms

Pandora always strives to offer a variety of revenue opportunities through its Dapp so that all users’ investment buds can be satisfied. The list of PandoFarms keeps expanding. In the past month, six new farms were added to Pandora’s ever-growing directory of farming pairs.

  • Stake $BNB-$LINK LPs, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Stake $BNB-$XRP LPs, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Stake $ALPACA-$BUSD LPs, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Stake $ADA – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 15X)
  • Stake $DOT – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 15X)
  • Stake $ETH – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 20X)

6 New Trade Mining Pairs

You can diversify your investment portfolio with several new trade mining pairs that were recently added to

  • Swap $BNB-$LINK, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $BNB-$XRP, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $ALPACA-$BUSD, Earn PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $ADA – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $DOT – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)
  • Swap $ETH – $BNB, Earn $PAN (Multiplier 10X)

PAN listed on Coinmarketcap

The listing of PAN on CoinMarketCap is an important step toward making our project more visible and accessible to everyone. Pandorans can now keep up with the latest changes in the price, volume, and market capitalization of $PAN, while crypto enthusiasts from all over the world can easily learn more about Pandora through this major crypto data aggregator.

Pandora DEX is trackable on DeBank

This integration is part of PandoTeam’s continued efforts in making Pandora Dapp more popular and accessible to the masses. You can now manage your PandoPortfolio and investment progress with ease on DeBank.

Top 50 traders of the 1st Trade League shared a whopping $101,179

The timebomb blew up on July 17, 2022. The top 50 traders won the Mega Jackpot worth an incredible $101,179 in PSR, BUSD, and PAN.

For those who weren’t fortunate enough to win this time, a new round of Trade League is going on. To improve your chances of winning, remain calm and trade more.

At merely 2 months old, Pandora has already been thriving in the spotlight as one of the most popular Dapps on the BNB Chain. By 27 July 2022, its 30-day user base had increased by 59.5%. Discover the reasons why crypto enthusiasts from across the world are paying attention to Pandora here.

Upcoming IDO With Moverse

Pandora Launchpad will serve as the launching base for Moverse’s upcoming IDO. Moverse is a fitness-to-earn Dapp powered by AI and deep machine learning. With this app, you can stay in shape, earn money, and improve your health. All these beneficial actions can be done all at once.

PandoInstitute: DroidBot Trivia League (Quiz2Earn)

To further assist you in understanding our DroidBot Upgrade V2.0, the PandoTeam proudly launched the first-ever Quiz-To-Earn minigame on July 22, 2022.

Prove how well acquainted you are with our DroidBot Upgrade V2.0 & stand a chance to share in a $500 prize pool. The competition ran from July 22 through August 1 at 9:00 AM UTC. The 10 ultimate winners were determined. The final list of winners & answers to the quizzes can be found here. Congratulations and thank you ALL for your participation!

Shilling Bounty

Pandora has hosted countless successful events in order to create a thriving and vibrant community. One such event is the recently launched Shilling Bounty contest that offers adorable prizes for those who most actively shill for Pandora. 5 people who fulfilled all the requirements and scored the most points will win.

Age Of DroidBots Contest

Under the Age of DroidBots contest, users scored points in proportion to the mining power of the DroidBot they received upon opening up a PandoBox during the period of the contest, in a 1:1 ratio. The top 20 DroidBot Masters with the highest points won the contest and shared a reward pool of 10.000 PSR. The winners were honored at an awards ceremony on July 16.

Moverse x Pandora Massive Airdrop

To celebrate the upcoming IDO of Moverse on Pandora Launch, a massive airdrop is happening from 26 July – 26 August 2022. The total prize pool is worth 10.000.000 $MOVE and 1.000 PSR for 2000 winners.

Jackpot V2.0 Launched

To provide its users with a more satisfying and lucrative experience, the PandoTeam has upgraded the jackpot system on One of the essential upgrades to Jackpot V2.0 is using PAN for prize payouts and ticket purchases. Numerous improvements in this most recent edition will enhance your odds of winning decentralized jackpots on Pandora Dapp.

Open PandoBoxes V2.0 & Upgrade DroidBots V2.0 Launched

On July 6, 2022, at 8:00 AM UTC, our new and improved Craft/Open PandoBox V2.0 and Upgrade DroidBot V2.0 were made available on

Staking DroidBot V2.1

To increase the security and effectiveness of this feature, the PandoTeam made some major upgrades to the NFT Staking smart contracts. As a result, as of 11:30 AM UTC on July 18, 2022, NFT Staking V2.0 was no longer supported on

PadoGallery Launched

PandoGallery is a decentralized, fine art space showcasing tier-based, limited, and free-to-mint NFT collections created by Pandora in collaboration with artists, brands, and partners, or in celebration of special occasions, such as Christmas, New Year, Pandora’s birthday, to name a few. On July 13, 2022, PandoGallery was formally launched on

Pandora Launchpad Released

The PandoTeam was excited to eventually release Pandora Launchpad on July 29. This service aims to provide an easier way for entrepreneurs and investors alike with one-stop access to all the information needed about diverse early-stage investing opportunities across the crypto world.

Pandora X Alpaca Finance Limited-Edition NFTs Available for Minting

PandoTeam was pleased to announce that on July 18, 2022, at 7:00 A.M. UTC, our limited collection of NFTs in collaboration with Alpaca Finance was available for claims. These collectibles can be minted for absolutely free if you are whitelisted.

Winners of 1st Trade League to be rewarded with limited NFTs “Pandeus

Limited-edition artwork called “Pandeus” will be given to the top 50 traders of the first Trade League. Those who are lucky enough to get their hands on these exclusive pieces of art will be able to trade them on PandoMarket or just hold them to receive other exclusive advantages at upcoming events.

Final thoughts

Pandora is committed to always striving for the best user experience while simultaneously improving upon its already robust features and implementing more innovative ideas in favour of its users. The PandoTeam is more energized than ever to carry on achieving its future milestones. To keep up with Pandora’s progress and accomplishments, follow it on social media.

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