Pandora Monthly Roundup | January 2023

Pandora started the first month of the year with so much positivity and a strong desire to do more for Pandorans. During the holiday season, the PandoTeam remained unwavering in its dedication to excellence. Through amazing products, vibrant community events, and constant communication, we kept Pandorans connected throughout it all!

January 2023 Roundup

$2,316.23 in Jackpot Prizes Won During Round 3401  –  4000

Ten lucky players recently earned a combined $2316.23 in lotto prizes! The prize breakdown is 2125.21 PSR, 91919.7 PAN, and 811.42 BUSD. You can check out the esteemed winners here. Keep in mind that you, too, can win the next lottery.

Simply give yourself a chance to win by crafting PandoBoxes & getting free lotto tickets, upgrading DroidBots & receiving free lotto tickets, or purchasing the tickets for just $1.

PandoInstitute: Order Splitting Explained

Soon, Pandora will launch its order-splitting solution, which allows trades to be expeditiously routed across multiple BNB Chain exchanges and provides Pandorans with a superior, hassle-free trading experience. With this innovative technology, costly setbacks such as high slippage or liquidity shortages become entirely avoidable.

Smart investors make use of DEX platforms combined with order-splitting strategies to experience optimized performance in terms of trade execution prices – safeguarding them against financial loss due to high slippage.

Explore Pandora’s recent article on order splitting for a comprehensive look into this powerful tool!

Product Launch: NFT Staking V3.0

Last month, Pandora introduced its newest product – NFT Staking V3.0. This innovative release provides users with access to two optimized NFT staking pools: a Premium Pool for high-yield returns and unprecedented benefits, available exclusively for users of level 5 or higher; and a Common pool for reliable earnings, available to DroidBot holders of all levels. Join the digital revolution today with this revolutionary new offering from Pandora!

If you are unsure how this new version of NFT Staking on Pandora works, you can start with our step-by-step tutorial and read our FAQs on NFT Staking V3.0.

20,000 PSR Top-Up To Premium Staking Pool

The launch of NFT Staking V3.0 is energizing Premium Pool stakers with an exceptional dual reward pool: a BUSD Reward Pool and a PSR Reward Pool. To mark NFT Staking V3.0’s grand debut, PandoTeam has generously topped up the PSR Reward Pool with 20,000 PSR tokens. Keep in mind that the staking APR will drop as there are more DroidBots being staked.

342 Boxes/Day: New Maximum Daily PandoBox Supply

Following our continued commitment to building a stable yet rewarding DeFi ecosystem for our users, another 10% of PandoBox’s daily supply was removed according to schedule. Hence, the maximum number of PandoBoxes that can be created per day is now down to 342 units. The next reduction will be on 19 February 2023.

What are the huge surprises packed in each PandoBox for you? A random DroidBot with limitless earning capabilities, plus several free lottery tickets that can earn you up to $53K. If you are new to Pandora, follow our guides on how to craft PandoBox and open PandoBox.

PandoInstitute: The Innovative & Profitable Earning Opportunities on Pandora.Digital

For those looking for rewards for their dedication to the Pandora Dapp, our new article outlines great earning potential. From NFT Securities to DroidBot staking and more, the ways to earn with Pandora keep increasing. Take a look and discover the possibilities!

NFT Staking Success Stories

The testimonies poured in as Pandorans earned more with the upgraded NFT Staking V3.0. There was no excuse whatsoever or a reason to stay behind. The sooner you stake your DroidBots, the bigger the rewards you earn. Many Pandorans have already taken action and reaped the rewards.

Earn 2X EXP with Double Buff Promotion

Our Double Buff promotion was truly remarkable, with a vast number of our Pandorans taking advantage of the phenomenal chance to double their EXP during a limited time period. This extraordinary opportunity gave an unprecedented boost that they could not pass up. The event ended up with over 8.6M EXP earned by Pandora’s users.


Keep using Pandora Dapp to be a part of the many exciting opportunities we are bringing your way. There are already many exciting products like Pandora NFT Securities, which you will not find elsewhere. Remember that at Pandora, excellence and service are our watchwords. We are transparent about helping our users achieve financial success. Accompany us as we make your DeFi experience more engaging, rewarding, and hassle-free. Stay up to date on our official channels, and share the joy of using Pandora Dapp with your friends and family.

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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