Pandora Monthly Roundup | December 2022

December was a month filled with excitement and promise. We ended the last month of 2022 in grand style with an unforgettable celebration full of fun and rewarding activities.

12+ Community Events 

Community events on Pandora are designed to promote products and reward users for various activities during a specified timeline. The following community events were held in December, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the successful participants. Still yet to participate in any of our events, stay active in the community and keep checking our official announcements corner to spot the next opportunities. 


The Quiz-2-Earn event tested the knowledge of Pandorans about their favorite DEX. $50 lucky users who who answered quiz questions correctly shared $500. Follow this link for more on the event that ended on 15 December 2022. 

Untold BearTales 

The Untold BearTales event gave Pandorans the opportunity to share their downturn stories with us, so we could share a bit about how great or bad things have gone throughout their crypto journey. Follow this link for more about this event which ended on 29 December 2022.

Santa Cashback Galore

The Santa Cashback Galore event started in December and ended on 4 January. NFT Securities investors who mint Pandora Securities on the official website will receive a $10 cashback irrespective of the value of the NFT Security purchased. Go to the official Pandora Securities investment page to mint your NFT Security for a chances to share $9,000.

Active to Earn

The Active Earn campaign was created to see how much you truly love and use Pandora products. More on the campaign here.

Merry Memas

The Merry Memas contest went live on December 20th. It was all about sharing crazy memes on Discord for prizes. Participants in the contest unleashed their meme power and shared $400. The event ended on 27 December 2022. You can find the rules here.

Merry Quizzas

Pandorans tested their knowledge shared $400 during the Pandora Merry Quizzas Contest. Questions in this event were based on how much the participant know about the Pandora ecosystem. See the detailed rules here:  

Review To Earn

The Review To Earn campaign was an opportunity to testify about Pandora’s first-of-its kind product, the NFT Security. NFT Security offers actual value and ensures the growth of all Pandorans who invest. We created the Review To Earn Campaign for Pandorans to earn $50 per detailed and honest review. You can invest in Pandora NFT Securities here. The campaign ended on 4 January 2023.

Quest To Earn

You may not know that there are simple tasks you can complete to earn awesome rewards on Pandora. Quest To Earn is a task-based reward event where Pandorans can share 200 BUSD for completing simple tasks everyone can do like social media follows and web page visits. 

Flash Giveaway

The Flash Giveaway was an event for early minters of Pandora NFT Security. Three lucky winners were selected from those who minted NFT Securities directly. The winners shared the $300 prize. The event ended on 14 December 2022. We published the lucky winners whom the wheel of fortune smiled upon.  

World Cup League

We threw a minigame party on Discord to celebrate the biggest soccer tournament on the planet. Pandorans shared $200 for successfully predicting the winner of any of the matches. The event was held on Discord, and you can find out more about that here.

Christmas Quest

We launched a fantastic Christmas Quest on TaskOn. The quests are available here.

Ups & Downs

You could win $200 in our special Ups & Downs event just by predicting the token price on Discord. See more here.

$13K+ Given out as Rewards & Prizes

We gave out over $13,000 in reward prizes this month through various campaigns and events. Rewarding activities on Pandora are numerous, which is why we remain the favorite DEX of thousands of DeFi users. 

$91.9K Current Investment in NFT Security

Pandora NFT Securities keep outdoing most traditional financial instruments, with $91.9k invested to date. We completed several promotional events for NFT Securities in December. One of these events, the Review To Earn, helped us properly understand the perceptions and impact of NFT Securities on the lives of the average DeFi user.

2 Upcoming Product Releases

NFT Staking V3.0

Pandora’s NFT Staking V3.0 will raise users’ experiences with Dapps to a whole new level. In this update, experienced DroidBot stakers will also be able to use a premium stake pool. Stick atound!

Split Order

Order splitting on Pandora splits a trade into smaller transactions for execution at the best prices on other BNB Chain exchanges. With split orders, Pandora users get a better trading experience with better prices, and the exchange can access a range of liquidity to process the transaction. Stay tuned for its grand release!

1 New Liquidity Source Added

We’ve integrated Elipsis Finance into Pandora Swap to provide better swaps, more trading pairs, and the possibility of getting the best trading prices right for users. As always, you can start swapping your tokens today or learn more about the integration here

7th Periodic Reduction In Daily PandoBox Supply

Following our commitment to keeping the Pandora ecosystem stable, the daily PandoBox supply just took a cut, taking it down from the previous reduction. Now Pandora users can only mint 380 PandoBoxes daily.


We are indeed grateful for your support which has helped us attain our current height. We remain committed to building more rewarding products to give you the best-decentralized experience you have ever imagined. Let’s face it.

Pandora belongs to everyone, and it only gets better when you all get more from your favorite DeFi exchange. Hold tight for the upcoming rewarding events we have for you this coming week. Remember that the official community channel is the best and only place to stay updated. 

Stay financially strong with Pandora – your favorite DeFi companion!

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