Pandora Monthly Roundup | August 2022

The month of August was one to remember with many exciting events at scale and unique product launches. Together, we unite to look back at the epoch-making events that we went through this August.

20 insightful PandoTalks

In the last month, we have partnered with several crypto projects and communities from across the world to host a total of 20 PandoTalk sessions. Sincere thanks go out to all of our great speakers and collaborators, who make it possible for us to give our followers a wide range of interesting and educational weekly discussions.

19 new tokens have been added to Pandora’s token list

To further diversify your trade options, Pandora is constantly adding new tokens.


✅$SNX, $MIOTA, $RACA, $BNX, and $XWG

✅$STG, $BabyDoge, $ALICE, $VEMP


Droidbot Trivia League rewards have been given out

The DroidBot-themed Quiz-To-Earn contest taught users a lot about the DroidBot Upgrade V2.0 and how it is different from the previous version. Participants have got a great chance to thoroughly understand and know how to use the DroidBot Upgrade feature at its best.

$500 in prizes was distributed to the top 10 winners already. Hope you all had a blast!

Jackpot Trivia League successfully held

The Jackpot Trivia League went live in the first week of August. Examining your understanding of Jackpot V2.0 was the main objective of this contest! Pandora’s users responded positively, showing a high level of interest in it.

All the quiz answers and the winner list were summarized thoroughly. Find them below!

Moverse x Pandora: Massive Airdrop is over

We held a once-in-a-lifetime airdrop with huge rewards—10,000,000 $MOVE and 1,000 $PSR—to celebrate our collaboration with Moverse, and it’s now over.

The complete list of winners will be made public soon. Let’s see if your luck rings this time!

Pandora Launchpad open call for IDO/INO applications

Pandora officially opened the application form for projects to apply for launching IDOs/INOs on Pandora Launchpad. Why don’t we optimize our project launch by partnering with the Pandora team to get the most effectiveness?

Explore how we make it work here

Let’s cultivate your IDO/INO successfully!

Treasure Strike – event of the month

You might have won a portion of $30,000 in PSR and 10 IDO slots simply by trading on before the event ended on September 2 at 7:00 AM UTC.

Swap V2.0 has been released

The PandoTeam has been striving to deploy ecosystem changes for a better user experience. If you go to, you can see all of the new changes in Swap V2.0.

Our Swap V2.0 provided users with numerous benefits, including the lowest fees, the highest trading yield, the highest output amount, and many more…

Understand how our updated Swap V2.0 works: here

Shilling Bounty Contest prizes were successfully distributed

Pandora ultimately publicized the Top 5, who were chosen to be winners and received 5 IDO slots from us. Together with that, 105 $PSR tokens were also allocated to the winners’ wallets.

We would love to spread our gratitude to all participants who have taken a deep interest in creating Pandora’s brand awareness.

Pandora is listed on CoinMarketCap as an Exchange

Being listed on CoinMarketCap was initially set for Q4/2022, but we made it a quarter earlier! We are confident in jumping into the crypto world as the first DEX to innovate an inclusive incentive scheme for all users and introduce a gamified system for decentralized finance. Find out more about Pandora’s trading volume and market information on CoinMarketCap.

3rd Periodic Reduction in Daily PandoBox Supply

The daily supply of box creation has now been lowered to 583, previously a max of 648 boxes/day. This is the 3rd time to set the limit for PandoBoxes, and the next stage of daily box supply reduction is planned for September 19.

Possess PandoBoxes right now:

Sustain your finances with Pandora – your favourite DeFi companion!

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