Pandora Monthly Roundup | April 2022

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The past crypto month at Pandora was an amazing ride and we couldn’t have done it without our beloved Pandorans! Let’s look back at some fantastic moments we shared together during April.

26 informative PandoTalks – throughout April, we were able to host a series of global PandoTalk sessions with various crypto communities around the world. We’re thrilled for this opportunity to reach out and connect with worldwide crypto enthusiasts! Participating in our fruitful PandoTalk sessions will not only fulfill your crypto curiosity but also offer several enticing rewards for your brilliant questions!

Visual Updates to DroidBots and PandoBoxes – they now have a sleeker 3D appearance, making them much more powerful. If you’re keen on learning more about the possibilities offered by these powerful DroidBots and PandoBoxes, check out the benefits of owning DroidBots here and the magic inside each PandoBox here.

150.000 PSR up for grabs during PandoDropthe long-awaited airdrop has finally made its way to the crypto space! We’ve got a mighty reward pool of 150.000 vigorous PSR for those who get in early. PSR not only acts as the governance token within Pandora’s dual-token system, but it is also highly utilized across the Pandora ecosystem. As Pandora’s official launch is right around the corner, owning PSR tokens would bring huge benefits to our users and community. Claim your PSR rewards NOW at and become one of the earliest owners of our multifunctional governance token PSR. If you have any issue, kindly read through PandoDrop’s “Terms and Conditions” as well as checking our tutorials before contacting the support team.

5.600 winners of the 1st PSR Community Airdrop – have finally been discovered. The much-awaited winners of the 1st PSR Community Airdrop have been determined and distributions will be occurring soon! Thank you for your tremendous interest and engagement, we had 205,465 people complete all of the required tasks, which significantly exceeded our expectations. Follow this link to find your name amongst the victors. If you were not lucky this time, don’t worry because we’re having an ongoing PandoDrop airdrop – it might just turn out that you’re one of the lucky winners.

400 winners of the Pandora Beta Test – have been determined. We’d like to congratulate the winners of our Closed Beta Test. The winners of our Pandora Beta Test deserve a round of applause for their significant contribution to making Pandora a better Dapp for everyone. Please find yourself amongst the winners HERE. Please contact Pandora’s support via our Telegram Group 1 or Telegram Group 2 if you don’t receive your reward by 3 May 2022.

Until next time…

As Pandora’s official launch is right around the corner, our team can’t wait for the world to see what Pandora has in store for us all. While the team looks forward to what lies ahead,  we never forget those who made this project possible, which includes you, Pandorans.  Thank you for your continued enthusiasm for Pandora’s vision. Stay tuned on our social channels to not miss out on the latest updates about Pandora.

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