Unreal Engine 4-Powered NFT Game “Osimi City” to Debut on Pandora Launchpad: A Detailed Disclosure

Quickly discover all Osimi City project information here. Any questions about Osimi City as well as the reason for cooperation with Pandora Launchpad will be answered through this article.

The opportunity to own OSI is approaching, more information about the impending IDO of Osimi City on Pandora Launchpad will be updated gradually via Pandora’s official channels.

Partnership announcement

🤝 New partnership Announcement: PANDORA LAUNCHPAD x OSIMI CITY 🤝

🌟 We are overjoyed to welcome Osimi City as the next project to premiere IDO on Pandora Launchpad!

🌟 Osimi City is an open-world action-adventure game with unique features that will enhance your GameFi experiences.

🔥 Stunning 3D visuals using Unreal Engine 4 technology
🔥 Attractive game modes (Shooter, Simulation, and Racing)
🔥 Specific roadmap of releasing play-to-earn features

If you are a huge fan of e-sports, Osimi will surprise YOU!
👉 Dive into Osimi now: https://bit.ly/3QEQeld

Will Osimi City remove the stereotype of NFT games with boring gameplay in the future?


🔥 Inspired by Grand Theft Auto, Osimi City is created to help players experience racing, shooting and killing zombies.

🏁 Osimi City is confident in bringing an open-world action-adventure game to the NFT Game market.

💥What to expect:
✔️ Stunning and smooth visuals by using Unreal Engine 4 technology.
✔️ Several available game modes, including Story Mode, Street Racing, and Tactical Shooter.
✔️ The first AAA game (A lot of money, time, and resources) in the NFT gaming market right now.
✔️ Free-To-Play mechanism.

🔎 LEARN MORE: https://bit.ly/3QEQeld

📩 Osimi IDO is on the way. Stay tuned with us to seize your chance.

Problems with the Play-to-Earn mechanism and how Osimi City solves them

✋ There are some NFT games today that only focus on the Play-To-Earn mechanism and ignore other factors such as:

💥 Gameplay is not attractive.
💥 Graphic is not smooth and professional.
💥 No variety of game modes for players.

☄️ Players are no longer interested in the NFT gaming market as a result of this.


✨ Provide players with a variety of game modes and eliminate the boring gameplay that the NFT gaming market is now experiencing.
✨ Attractive gameplay when players can experience racing and shooting only with Osimi City
✨ The Free-To-Play mechanism helps players join for free.
✨ Professional graphics thanks to the application of Unreal Engine 4 technology.

👉 Learn more about Osimi City to follow its development.

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