Keeping Up with the PandoDevs | June Update

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  1. Until next time…

Pandorans, you’ve got a message from Pandora’s CTO – Bryan.

Dear beloved Pandorans,

Pandora is still in its infancy and many plans will come to fruition as our DEX evolves with time.

While we’re doing our best to improve your experience with our Dapp, we also make it a priority to keep you informed about our development progress.

So, without further ado, check out the little peek of what’s coming up next at Pandora below!

  • UI/UX Improvement:
  • PandoCity (animated 3D homepage)
  • Product development:
  • Massive PandoBox crafting & opening (up to 10 PandoBoxes at once)
  • Massive DroidBot upgrade (up to 10 DroidBots at once)
  • IDO Launchpad (we bring emerging crypto gems to the masses)
  • PandoEvents (keep track of all the happenings at Pandora in one place)
  • PandoDrome (DroidBot battles)
  • Community event:
  • Referral contest (Refer friends. Earn bonuses. Win the contest)
  • New integrations:
  • PSR & PAN listing on CoinGecko
  • PAN listing on CoinMarketCap

Until next time…

With each step forward, it feels like there are more challenges ahead, but nothing will stop us from fighting until victory!

All the Pandorans out there continue fighting!

The key to your financial future lies with us and we’re eager for you to join and waiting with open arms.

*Telegram Group 1:
*Telegram Group 2:
*Telegram Channel:
*Official Website:

***Beware of fake accounts impersonating We will NEVER text you first and ask for your private keys or individual information.
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