Keeping up with the PandoDevs | June Progress Update

The team is back to make sure you all are aware of the latest developments around Pandora.

Dear beloved Pandorans,

It’s great to be back with you all!

We’re excited to finally share with you our latest progress update. Our team has been working hard on the newest updates and changes, which will be coming soon!

The recap below is sure to give you a brief insight into Pandora’s latest developments.

Product development

Craft & Open PandoBox V2.0

  • Craft & open up to 10 PandoBoxes at once
  • Maximize the number of PAN burned per new box minted

Upgrade DroidBot V2.0

  • Upgrade up to 10 DroidBots at once
  • 100% success rate on all upgrades

Jackpot V2.0

  • Users can purchase extra jackpot tickets to increase their odds of winning
  • More winning numbers – more prizes – more chances of winning
  • Additional use cases for PAN (payment currency, prize money payouts)

Inventory V2.0

  • Select & unlock/open up to 10 PandoBoxes at once
  • Select & upgrade up to 10 DroidBots at once

UI/UX optimization


  • Advanced filter: filter all NFTs on offer by level, mine power range, price range, est. earnings, and APR.
  • PandoMarket stats: total trading volume, total transactions, total sold items, etc.

Homepage redesign

  • Top farms/pools/trade mining pairs by APR
  • Hot NFTs on PandoMarket
  • Top events & weekly updates
  • New footer & new banner ad placement


  • Hashrate received for each transaction is now integrated into the Swap interface.

Upcoming releases



Until next time…

We may have a tough road ahead of us but with your support, Pandorans, we will reach the finish line and finally reveal ourselves to be victorious.

Join the ranks of people who’ve already taken control over their finances by getting in touch with us today!

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